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1 minute ago, The Night said:

 Gaga heavily implied during the Cheek to Cheek era that she thought modern pop stars relied too much on cheap little tactics such as surprise releases, shock moments, and other things that lack substance, thus, I wouldn't call the album something that was "purely made because that's what she grew up on." 

Where and how? I could have missed that interview, in which case I apologise. But please, send me that article or interview because Gaga HAS relied on shock moments before. She'd kinda be speaking against her previous accomplishments if she said that. But you say "implied" so I get that she didn't  say that.

3 minutes ago, The Night said:

So let me get this straight...Madonna's art ends up in a museum, she does a couple interviews explaining it, leaving the rest to be deciphered by the GP however they choose - great. Gaga does the exact same thing, and suddenly she's a walking preacher? Hunty, Gaga never said "this is the only thing ARTPOP means", in fact, she infamously stated the exact opposite, "ARTPOP can mean anything". If she answered an interviewer's question about what the album is with her interpretation of her own work, and you don't agree, that's fine and dandy, because you don't have to. No one said "this is what this album means and it can have no deviation in that meaning". I don't know why that's so hard to understand. 

Gaga didn't do the "exact same thing". She made the public AWARE of the fact she's got all this explanation behind her art. Also, she discussed that with major outlets that are just looking to get a cheap quote or soundbite for clicks. That's not the place to discuss the deeper meaning behind your work. Do that in an interview like the 2010 SHOWstudio one, not in an interview with the AP or Access Hollywood. Yes, she did say that "ARTPOP can mean anything", we are all very aware of that. Have you figured it out? Because I can't with that soup can explanation and I'm a Warhol fan. 

What I said is that Madonna explained her art to the right media outlets at the right time. She didn't go on the BBC to discuss the Dahli reference in her video, she did it in a deep interview about her work with a magazine on modern art. Gaga used to do that too but changed that approach with ARTPOP, which is now seen as her first moment of disinterest by the general public. The key to having your art mean anything is not to say that to everyone. To not explain why you felt the need to lay naked on a rock and practice the Marina Method to Ryan Seacrest. 

I don't understand why THAT's so hard to understand.


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Bad Bromance
1 hour ago, The Night said:

These are just my thoughts, but I thought they were interesting enough to share. Here's the theory: every one of Gaga's albums is about popular culture, to an extent at least. We can see this through the albums themselves, interviews conducted during each album’s eras, and visuals released during each album cycle.

"The Fame" is a commentary on fame and popularity in popular culture. On it, Gaga discusses fame, glamour, and Hollywood life, before she even had it, thus presenting us with an outsider’s perspective on a life that she would go on to come into in that very era. (Incidentally, she also foreshadowed the next few years of her career with the music video to her smash hit “Paparazzi” from this era.)

"The Fame Monster" is a commentary on fears and figurative darkness in popular culture. As the name implies, it’s a darker take on her debut album’s theme. Here, she talks about the darker side of Hollywood - d--gs, emotionless s-x, loss of passion or love, etc. - that she conveniently left out in “The Fame”, perhaps because she understandably hadn’t experienced it when writing for that album.

"Born This Way" is a commentary on self-consciousnesses and acceptance in popular culture. On her “Monster Ball Tour”, Gaga saw and met many fans that were experiencing hardships due to homophobia, s-xism, racism, and the like. Because of this, she put out an album that dealt with these issues in her own world, exploring how they exist in pop culture in the hopes that she could heal herself and fans through it.

"ARTPOP" - my personal favorite - is a commentary on art and creativity in popular culture. On this album, Gaga discusses the freedom and power of creative rebellion and artistic freedom through the lens of EDM. She was also hinting through this album at what she had been doing for her entire career - creating “Art Pop”.

Finally, “Cheek to Cheek” is a commentary on standards and tradition in popular culture. On this album, Gaga created no new material, instead electing to cover classic jazz songs with Tony Bennett. Because of this, the album speaks less through lyrics and more through melody and intention, as she showcases her voice as she hadn’t on previous releases to promote the idea of natural talent over cheap tactics as a selling point within pop culture.

I’ll admit that perhaps I’m delving too much into this and giving Gaga a bit too much credit, but, well, if the shoe fits…

P.S. If you agree and would like to share this with others, feel free to reblog it on Tumblr:gaycat:

Very good a--lysis.  I agree with everything that you said except what you stated about Cheek To Cheek.  I really think Gaga chose to record C2C because she genuinely loves jazz and was following in the footsteps of her previous work with Tony Bennett on his Duets 2 album from 2011.

It has been stated many times that Gaga really enjoyed working with Tony when they recorded The Lady Is A Tramp back in 2011, so they decided to put out a duets album of classic, jazz standards.  This was done not because she wanted to clean up her image, as many people in this forum seem to believe, but because they decided to do this after they recorded together in 2011.

Again, very good a--lysis, hun!  

I don't care what you think about unless it is about me.


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to me  only TF, TFM and BTW are this kind of .... storyline of pop culture and fame. ARTPOP onward was just a personal implosion for her. She got lost. C2C was a healing process. I think she is working on a true, emotional, personal rebirth this time with LG5. 


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