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Changes to the Entertainment section

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There has been much confusion regarding what topics belong in the Entertainment section of the forum and which topics belong in the Conversation Area. In response to this, it has been decided that we will be giving the Entertainment section a revamp. From today the Entertainment section will be divided into several sub-sections.

Entertainment News: 
- All current, relevant, and credible entertainment news. (Music videos, magazine covers, major announcements, etc.) 
- Source with link required. 
- Social media posts do NOT belong in this section unless they are making an announcement and are verified.

Entertainment Talk: 
- General discussion on entertainment topics. (Rumors, questions, social media posts by artists, general talk about anything entertainment, etc.)

Fan Base: 
- A place to discuss celebrities with fellow fans.
- One thread per artist/band/actor/etc. 
- A "Youtuber" tag has been added. Generally, individual threads for Youtubers are limited to those above one million subscribers. Discussion of lesser known Youtubers belong in the "Youtube Thread", although exceptions may be made for niche Youtube channels that have a larger following here. (Note: If you have received permission to create a thread for a lesser known Youtuber and it does not receive any significant interest or discussion over time, it will be merged into the general Youtube thread.)
- The "other" tag may be used for celebrities who do not fit into one of the provided tags.
- If someone falls under multiple categories, use your judgment on which tag is most applicable to their work and fan base. If you are truly unsure which to choose, you may use the "other" tag. 

Movies and TV:
- Discussion about particular shows and movies should be reserved for their respective threads within this subforum. 

Video Games, Books, etc: 
- Discuss video games, books, broadway shows or other such things that do not fit in the other subforums in this section. 


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This topic is now closed to further replies.