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Lady Gaga crowned the greatest woman in pop


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Right. By your own words, the poll suggests that she has the largest fan-base. Not that she is the greatest woman in pop. But I'm actually pleasantly surprised that she won the poll. I feared that her public prestige was fading during this era. So, I am gladdened. However, I am not ready to declare her greatest woman in pop simply because of a poll. That was my point.

I get what you are saying I suppose, but, in reality, isn't it the star with the biggest fanbase that would be the current greatest woman in pop? Is not the Queen the one with the most loyal "subjects", giving her the most power and influence?

Every great women in pop has had to pass the crown. It has obviously been passed to Gaga, and in record time. If it was a poll asking, who had the longest reign or the largest list of accomplishments that have impacted pop culture, than I would vehemently argue against this outcome, but it didn't ask that. Gaga is, if we are going off of numbers and current treads alone, the greatest woman in pop. Doesn't mean she is the only great woman or the greatest of all time. Anyone who follows pop culture and studies it can't deny this.

In the end all that matters is how long she can keep this title, because there is alway new talent waiting in the wings. For her to win a poll against such huge pop juggernauts is no small thing. I hope she can keep her fanbase energized the way Madonna has for so many years, but we shall see. =)

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your faves could neva



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