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Lady Gaga crowned the greatest woman in pop


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TBH , she isn't the Queen of Pop yet , but she is the TOUGHEST Competition to all these divas and royal pop girls..She will VERY SOON be crowned the Queen of Pop and GO DOWN IN HISTORY FOREVER because of her INFLUENCE,Inspiration,music,fashion,creativty and ONE-IN-A-MILLION voice and ONE IN A BILLION ARTISTIC SENSE! :legend: #AlreadyALegend

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That's, um, exactly my point. :spin:

So that's why you're taking it seriously?

We all know that Gaga's career hasn't matched those of Madonna or Mariah. Just let people have their fun.

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I quite frankly could give two ****s about what those Madonna stans think. (no offense because I like Leaf) Nobody ever said Gaga is better than Madonna, Nobody ever said "Gaga is the greatest, she's better than Madonna" IMO, There both flawless. I don't think Leaf, TN, Bob, or Famey etc should get pissed about this. I just look at this as a compliment tbqh with you guys. I don't think she is yet. I mean, IMO this ride has just begun. So, to end this; Madonna & Gaga are both great, So there shouldn't be a stan war. Let us monsters celebrate without any drama, thank you.


I agree. My opinion as a Madonna fan is irrelevant in this thread. My opinion as Gaga fan, however, isn't.

And as I previously stated, I'm happy for Gaga and especially for us (as Gaga fans).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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