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Report: Adele's 25 will be a surprise release


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Pure Adrenaline

I guess It wont be surprise after this :hunty: 

It's much more fun to have hizophrenia... u never get lonely
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release it now, I don't want it to block LG5

It says this year... Gaga won't release an album this year ;)

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Ray of Light

Adele is fair enough artist (I only recall one of her live performances), but after 21 was shoved up my anus 4 years ago in every way possible; I'm not very much excited for her next album.

Hopefully it's successful, but not to the extreme point where a groundbreaking album like Born This Way was overlooked for the success of a blockbuster


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Just imagine, she'll probably sell bucket loads more than 1989 and that was at the top for 12 weeks was it? Oh my ****ing God, we need like a 5 month buffer zone for 25 to cool down :-€

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