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Super Bowl XLIX + Katy Perry's Halftime Show Discussion

Ray of Light

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Pain of fame1

Wasn't this just posted? Either way I agree with his article... But already over the super bowl that was yesterday's news

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It was an entertaining show, but I agree. An X-Factor contestant could have sung her songs and put on a show just like that, It was all stage production and wasn't so much about Katy's vocals, choreography or performance.


Still credit to her for writing such catchy songs and getting to the point in her career where she played the SuperBowl.

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Katy? Write a hook? No, that's what Dr. Luke (and Max Martin) is for. Although, I still credit her for at least writing some of her songs.

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High King

No lies.


The show was entertaining, fun, flashy, energetic, big, and extravagant. But Katy had absolutely nothing to do with any of that.

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To the people who liked it, yet the hype was great but review her actual performance.


Did she play an instrument? No.

Did she dance a lot? No.

When she danced, was it great? No

Were her vocals great? No




Dancing: 3/10

Vocals: 4/10 (Especially because lipsynced)

Set: 7/10 


Average: 4.6/10



She didn't design the set though so, 3.5/10 for her performance. 




It was okay for me. Me and my mum were watching together. 


Halfway through she left to go get something to drink. Think she was bored. 


I found myself on my phone half way through as well only to realise, "oh wait I'm missing this. Oh Okay..."

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