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GagaDaily's 24 Days of Christmas: Day 24: Merry Christmas!


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Welcome to GagaDaily's 5th annual 24 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar! Every day, there will be a new Gaga-themed treasure for you all to download and enjoy, be it music, printable Gaga dolls, videos, or games. This is one of the most anticipated events on our site each year, and has been known to sometimes yield rare treasures, and little known gems. In 2011, even Gaga herself gifted the whole fanbase with an unreleased song.



Celebrate our annual tradition of Gaga-themed giveaways with us this year on GagaDaily! This event will be also 'simulcast' on Twitter, RadioARTPOP.com, and Gaga Daily.


2014 marks our 5th anniversary of this little media potluck, and we are pleased to kick it off with a very special download for all of you: the complete recording of the entire Paris ArtRAVE, including the backstage snippets.


*Day 24





Don't Give Up (Demo film featuring Nathan Ferraro of Midway State) circa 2008:





A rare look at Gaga from the Fame era, performing a cover of a Peter Gabriel duet with Kate Bush, entitled, "Don't Give Up". This film was lost for many years online but resurfaced in 2012 on YouTube. This particular film is of a higher quality than the 2012 leak.

Enjoy this inspirational and tender love song, something that showcases Gaga's true sweet nature.

From GagaPedia:

The idea for a collaboration with Gaga came from Martin Kierszenbaum, the A&R person for both artists at Cherrytree Records in 2008. "He introduced the two of us," Nathan Ferraro said, from The Midway State. "We had this idea for a collaboration on this Peter Gabriel song," he added. "We met [Lady Gaga] in New York and we talked about it. When we finished [recording], we were both super into it so shortly thereafter we recorded a video for the song [in L.A.]." Midway State recorded the song in Toronto with co-producer Gavin Brown, and Lady Gaga cut her part satellite style in Los Angeles. "We were kind of scared in the beginning to try to live up to something like that, but it's modern and different," Ferraro says of the cover. "We added synths. We made it something you could slow dance to in the club." "It was really exciting doing that collaboration with Nathan," Gaga told Spinner [Magazine]. "I love that song so much. I really let Midway State take the lead. I wanted it to be more pop -- something that young people would hear and learn something about Kate Bush."



If you want to download the Mp3, you can do so here and here:

Don't Give Up (Demo Version) circa 2008




 And, last but not least.... 




A brand new release by our own remixer U-Go-Boy, of the FAME MONSTER !





A Special Message from U-Go-Boy

"Hey guys!

This is "The Fame Mons†er: The U-GO-BOY Remixes 2.0". A few years ago I remixed the Fame Monster EP which was very well received and so I thought it would be a great idea to do it again. Over the years I've improved A LOT and was influenced by a lot of new sounds which I wanted to show you.

Every remix has it's own distinctive sound i.e. Bad Romance has influences of Disco, So Happy I Could Die is very relaxing and Trance-y and Telephone is the most experimental thing I've ever done!

Thanks so much for your support. This has been a great year for me.

I've got to be on Radio ARTPOP which was so much fun and my debut album is coming out early next year so watch out for that! :)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!"

​- Matt (U-GO-BOY)

DOWNLOAD the WHOLE SET here  from Zippyshare!





And lastly.....

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you, and we hope you enjoyed the 24 Days of Christmas at GagaDaily this year, where we are so glad to have brought you this advent calendar event for 5 years in a row. Thank you to all of our anonymous and credited donors, without you, Christmas would have been less sparkly and shiny, so we appreciate all you do for us!

Seasons Greetings and all the best from the GagaDaily Mod Team and myself!



-- Chica



Missed the previous days? Need to catch up?

Find them here:

Day 1: Final ArtRave Live in Paris

ArtRave Live in Paris 11-24-2014 Complete Show


Full Show Download


Backstage Footage Download


Opening Acts ~ BreedLove, Lady Starlight:













Day 2: Violin String Quartet Covers of Born This Way

Vitamin String Quartet Violin Covers of Lady Gaga's Born This Way




Day 3: Gaga, Tony, and Steven Colbert

Interview in HD Download via Mega

"Cheek to Cheek" Performance in HD Download via Mega

Day 4: Lady Gaga Printable Ornaments and TreeToppers (Set 1)

Lady Gaga Printable Christmas Ornaments

Set One

DOWNLOAD Entire Set Here:


Day 5: Lullaby Renditions of Lady Gaga Songs (Jammy Jams, 2011)

Download HERE: http://ge.tt/3V8njL62/v/0


Day 6: The Fame Ball Fan Tour circa 2009

DL via Ge.tt


Download via MediaFire



Day 7: Rare Photos Collection

Day 7 -- Rare Photo Collection.zip 5.2 MB


Day 8: Rockefeller Gaga


Videos in HD, Audio in as HQ as possible so far, and a collection of images taken from the December 1st event in NYC.


If you wish, you can view the images without downloading the zip here: here: http://s1295.photobucket.com/user/ChicaSkas/Rockefeller%20Gaga/story


You can download photos only here


You can download audio only (new DL link) here



Video links are uploading now!


Winter Wonderland Download in HD Here thanks to Nemo!


It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing   720

Second Source 720

Both Performances 480


Day 9: The Fame Monster Mash Hits by Pomatic circa 2009/2010



Day 10: Lady Gaga Fonts




Day 11: All Killer No Filler: Dope Collection


All Killer No Filler: DOPE


Download here via Mega

Day 12: Gaga Printable Ornaments Set 2: Gaga ArtRave Doll


Day 13: Final ArtRAVE Audio (Itunes Ready) Credit to Haus, Blake Nichol)




DOWNLOAD via Mediafire

Day 14: ARTPOP vs EDM by UGoBOY

Prepare for electronic dance music at it's Gagafied best:

DOWNLOAD via Zippyshare

Download / Preview via Google Drive

Download Bonus Gaga EDM tracks here .

Day 15: Rare Gaga Photos Set 2

Rare Gaga Images Set 2

By generous donation from a user who wanted no credit, here are some HQ images from the Bazaar magazine shoot with Asia earlier in the year.

Warning: some images in the zip are semi-nudes and therefore could be NSFW depending on your individual situation at home or work. Download at your own risk!

Rare Photos Set 2

Day 16: Peace, Love, Gaga

Peace, Love, Gaga

-- A Special Holiday Imagery Download Set

These are great images to use on your Christmas cards! Included are HQ scans of the Barney's 2011 70.00 Magnetic Christmas Cards! Use the PNG images and other Gaga themed pictures to create great cards to send to other little monsters!

Also included... a template to print your very own Lady Gaga Garland for your Christmas tree!

Download HERE

Day 17: Jump Jirakaweekul

DOWNLOAD the entire PDF magazine of Jump's art here You can view it as well as a PDF in your browser here.

Day 18: Ratchet Collection

A small collection of really nice remixes or live versions of Gaga's & DJWS' "Ratchet".

DOWNLOAD via MEGA or Ge.tt .

All KILLER no filler...!

Day 19: Loom Band Gaga Tutorial and Giveaway


Day 20: Lady Gaga Official Gift Tags and Anime ArtRave Paper Dolls

DOWNLOAD tags and Anime art dolls here via Ge.tt

Day 21: Mugler Fashion Film Full

Mugler Fashion Film Rip circa 6-2011.mp4 70.5 MB


Day 22: Punk Gaga

A rare and hard to find CD, this album showcases Japan's fascination with Gaga, leading them to create a total of 6 cover albums of her music in different styles. The first, Reggae Gaga, was so successful that topped charts in Japan upon it's release. After that album did well, 5 more followed. This is one of them. It's very interesting to see how other cultures such as the Japanese, in this case, show their appreciation by producing art like this. Enjoy!


Day 23: A Complete Gaga Christmas Song Collection

Gaga has performed a handful of Christmas tunes to date, and this collection gathers all of them in one place to get you in the holiday spirit, Gaga style!

Included as bonus tracks:

A lovely performance of Orange Colored Sky from the "A Very Gaga Holiday" Itunes release

The demo version of 2009's Christmas Tree, with a beautiful never-used bridge

An edit of White Christmas minus Gaga's chatter about the song (this allows you to focus on the song itself)


About The 24 Days Of Christmas on GagaDaily:


Do YOU own the 4' by 6' Perfect Illusion promo Poster? Will pay you for it. Pic: http://i.imgur.com/UWuzumk
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But I also put up the artRAVE show. :toofunny:

whoops! Sorry! I was reading Haus' thread.

If you want to offer your DL links, I'll be happy to add them to OP as alternate sources. :) My apologies!

Do YOU own the 4' by 6' Perfect Illusion promo Poster? Will pay you for it. Pic: http://i.imgur.com/UWuzumk
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whoops! Sorry! I was reading Haus' thread.

If you want to offer your DL links, I'll be happy to add them to OP as alternate sources. :) My apologies!

Nah, mine's a completely different album to what others would be. :shrug:

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Nah, mine's a completely different album to what others would be. :shrug:

I just looked it up, well done!

were getting paradise 31 december

Really? Then Gaga does have a nice gift planned for us this Christmastime!
Do YOU own the 4' by 6' Perfect Illusion promo Poster? Will pay you for it. Pic: http://i.imgur.com/UWuzumk
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It's December? :giveup:


Excited for the 24 days! :excited2:


and thank you for the DL :hug:

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Doily Skull

ChicaDaily TBH :legend:

Thank you so much, I am so grateful you're a member of this community!

~staying stupid through my holy days~
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