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New ‘Twilight’ Movies Are On The Way


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Bringing Twilight to a whole new audience? It's only been two years  :coffee:


I used to be a huge Twilight fan. Although I still enjoy it every now and then, I'm not a stan anymore (blame it on Hunger Games)

But forever a Harry Potter fan


Omg you're just like me :) 

I love HP the most, saw to movies and read the books several times :)

I used to looooove Twiight, now I love Hunger games.

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But the book was never published  :shrug:

she said in a interview couple years ago after the hype died down she would go back to it so i thought maybe she finished it. or another new host book

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Not a fan of the franchise, but this is a good project encouraging aspiring film-makers. Hopefully more major studios would follow suit. Sometimes those who have yet to make it big time, such as film students, have more creativity than those who've spent years working with the major studios and are restrained by commercialism. 

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