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Is hating Gaga a deal breaker?

Is hating Gaga a deal breaker?  

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  1. 1. What do you say?

    • "It doesn't matter. I still love you."
    • "Pack your bags b*tch and get the F*CK out of my house."

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PunkTheFunk   Paws Up 68,116

Hypothetical scenario: you meet a guy who's literally perfect for you in every way. 


The two of you meet at the library (or wherever the gays meet) and hit it off immediately. Over the course of the next few months you get to know him better and realize that you've fallen helplessly in love with him. It seems at first that you respect each other's interests: when he watches his poker tournaments on TV, you make sure he has plenty of snacks in the living room. When you turn on your favorite Lady Gaga song in the car, he bops his head a little and admires you when you sing along, and giggles when you can't hit a note. He's confident, sexy, compassionate, and ambitious. In other words, he's everything you ever dreamed of.

Eventually the two of you move in together and before you know it, you're waiting for him to propose. 

One night, after making passionate love, the two of you have a long, late night chat. You begin to tell him your deepest, darkest secrets. You tell him about your bath salts addiction and how you killed your best friend's hamster 15 years ago, and he says that he will accept you no matter what. And then he tells you his deepest secrets, like how he lives with the guilt of making his brother go deaf by blasting an air horn in his ear, and his vulnerability makes you love him even more.

Finally, just as you're about to go to sleep, he clears his throat.

"Oh..." he laughs. "I guess I should probably tell you..."

"What?" you say.

"Well...okay, this is kind of stupid, but...you know how you love Lady Gaga?"


"Well...I'm sorry but...I can't stand her."

Your mouth goes dry. "What? But you don't mind when I play Donatella in the car... You even took me to the Hoe-anne Rave."

He shrugs. "I just did that for you."

Your heart races and it feels like someone is squeezing your throat.

"Why don't you like her?" you say, your voice quivering.

He giggles. "I'm sorry, but...okay, it's just that I find her really annoying. Like, her voice. It's just...to be honest I hate it. And she's just so pretentious and cringeworthy sometimes. Well, most of the time...Plus, she hasn't had a hit in years. I mean, I like her message of equality and stuff but...there are so many better artists out there. I've tried to get into her but I just can't. She's so annoying. Artists like Beyonce and Taylor Swift are far more talented anyway... Are you mad?"

What do you do?

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Mirrion Rizzons   Paws Up 2,603
Mirrion Rizzons

i would feel upset not bc he doesn't like gaga, but because he wasn't truthful to begin with

Trust is important in a relationship and if he hid that he hates gaga, he might be hiding other things too

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MaryJaneHolland   Paws Up 53,691

Sweetie, tldr :huntyga:

As long as he doesnt shove that down my throat all the time, I'd be okay with it.

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You don't understand, this is an Alaïa!


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Kim Kardashian   Paws Up 2,251
Kim Kardashian

I'm not scared at all, my twerking and sex skills are going to cure.mp3 him.

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River   Paws Up 18,758

f-ck him to the sound of Retro Dance Freak so he'll suffer and I'll enjoy his body :party:

I'm not serious 99% of the times ;)


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ryanliarripley   Paws Up 73,523

i've had an ex who had THAT body but he hated gaga a lot, let alone taking me to one of her shows so this situation is already a huge improvement :cryga:

it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me if he's willing to tolerate it :huntyga: but i once had a guy hit me up on tinder and when i said i was a huge gaga fan, his reply was "yeah, she's great minus her constant exploitation of the gays" so i hit that unmatch button :ohwell: 

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Rumours1977   Paws Up 14,974
8 minutes ago, ryanripley said:

but i once had a guy hit me up on tinder and when i said i was a huge gaga fan, his reply was "yeah, she's great minus her constant exploitation of the gays" so i hit that unmatch button

This is why Christian Mingle is a much safer option to meet Gaga gays


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Fabian5000   Paws Up 77

I had an ex who was like that too, he went to see the artRAVE and Roseland with me but he was just standing there visibly bored. It really made me feel like i cant be myself... it's a sweet gesture but i rather prefer going to a gaga show with friends than bf/hubbie who hates her. Would i break up with them if they hate her? no... but as long as he lets me listen to her when I want to then we good.

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GypsyBabe   Paws Up 14,816

As long as he is willing to go to a lifetime of Gaga shows/movies and is understanding about me spending all my coins on her, then I couldn’t care less. :vegas:


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Antonoff   Paws Up 5,170

Lsst night I met this hot ass daddy and we were talking about music, mostly jazz and he brought Gaga onto the table

in case you were wondering, yes, of course we had sex after that 

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... and now i just sit in silence.


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mamo   Paws Up 336

dump his ass!

if he can't acknowledge or appreciate the talent of gaga then it just shows he ain't got NO taste! 


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Bloody hooker   Paws Up 2,987
Bloody hooker

First and foremost, write more stories, or add to this one. :air:

Secondly, if he told me that on our first date he wouldn’t even get a second one. If he told me that he didn’t like Gaga that far into the relationship, then I would give him a chance. I would change his mind.

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SwissMonster   Paws Up 1,074

First. The question at the end made me feel like I am in this US show called „what would you do“ :ladyhaha:

Second. I probably couldn’t. I am such a Stan, like I can be with people not stanning her or something. But hating her? Nope, bye bitch... I listen to Gaga at least four times a day, so :oops: But as I said, if he hates her, he hates a big part of me, so this is not gonna work (I am asking myself if this is normal or Gaga really took over my life :huntyga:)

Edit: Maybe If he is EXTREMLY HOT I may keep him for some weeks, but then throw him away :vegas:

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