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Could Diamond Heart Survive As A Single?

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Bradley   Paws Up 22,343

Survive? It would have thrived as a lead single.

I don't get why people keep saying that it's not single-material. It has awesome lyrics, it would have fitted into the Superbowl setlist, and if it were promoted at the Superbowl it would have had awesome chart performance.

But of course Gaga needs to promote it outside the Superbowl for the radio to pick it up.

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TheLameMonster   Paws Up 101

A question: how is Diamond Heart not radio-friendly? 

I think it could survive, maybe longer than PI

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I’m not flawless but I got a diamond heart


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Ziggy   Paws Up 2,807

Nope for the simple reason that if she can't sing PI consistently enough for promo then she can't do Diamond Heart either (which we know). A-YO would have been the best other song because she had consistently great, fun vocals in those performances. MR obviously works as well.


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cjdamien   Paws Up 4

I personally think so which means it probably wouldn't because I always tend to like the songs the GP doesn't. I don't think any of the big singles are in my top favorites and the stuff I love in general is always considered fringe. But I think DH would sound great on the radio and I still crank it every time it comes on in the car which is still at least every other day. I do agree that repeated performances would have been difficult but I would be interested to see how she would've changed it up each time like she always does with the piano versions and all that. 


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