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Come To Mama and Just Another Day

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Oriane   Paws Up 3,861

Actually a lot of Gaga songs immediately resonated in me and I had the feeling I already knew them when I listened to them for the first time. I had this impression with :

- Paparazzi (chorus)
- Summerboy (chorus)
- Disco Heaven (chorus)
- So Happy I Could Die (chorus)
- Marry the Night (verses)
- Scheiße (especially the oh oh oh oh oh)
- Diamond Heart (chorus)
- Joanne (chorus)
- Perfect Illusion (chorus)
- Come to Mama (whole song)
- Just Another Day (whole song)
- Red and Blue (chorus)
- Blueberry Kisses (verses)
- Fever (chorus)
- Fooled me again (verses)

But it's not bad, I just think she can write melodies that particularly appeal to me.

You popped my heart seems... All my bubble dreams, bubble dreams...


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F AM E   Paws Up 7,747

It’s very abbey road Beatles. CTM always makes me think of octopus’s garden

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papergangstas   Paws Up 682

When I first heard “Come To Mama” the instrumental kinda reminded me of “The Best Day Ever” from Spongebob :ladyhaha:


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