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Got a chance to work the JWT in San Fran! [UPDATE]

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I couldn't take pictures once I started since I was stage left, catwalk guard. But it was amazing! Gaga walked within inches of me and made eye contact with me during The Cure and looked at me during Applause when going down the stage ramp to catwalk. I met Cynthia backstage and she was so sweet! She brought her on stage later that night saying her mom was there for her first US stadium. It was a magical night. Esp during Edge of Glory.. 1000s of people had their phone out shining their phone in the stands and ground, looks like moving stars. Ahh. I got a pic of her outfit backstage before the show started in wardrobe. That is where I saw Cynthia!

Currently scavenging AT&T park location tagging on Instagram to maybe see a pic of Gaga going down the ramp with me inches from her. :giveup: Her makeup and clothing was flawless up close too..

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