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Joanne WT: Miami, FL - November 30

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TheSunGod   Paws Up 2

It was SO AWESOME, for me, her best show here in FL ever

Here so of the pics for you guys to see:




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orb1tx   Paws Up 109

She is a great singer, I loved the music and her performance.   The tilting stage was awesome and the bridges were genius, but one of the mini stages didn't go back down and obstructed the view to the back stage..  The concert started off really slow so  I was glad when she left the country persona and went on to sing her hits as Gaga.     I hate it when she brings everyone down reading her sad fan letters, doesn't she get any from people who get very drunk and danced all nite to her music? That part went on far too long.  Out of  all her concerts, this one is the one im least excited about, but I think it was mostly due to the Joanne music. Please don't hate on me, its only an opinion.


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