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Lady Gaga premieres H&M holiday commercial

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have premiered their holiday campaign for H&M, featuring “It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It…

Lady Gaga performs final artRAVE show in Paris

Lady Gaga played the final stop of her her 79-date artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball world tour at the Bercy Arena…

Lady Gaga enjoys bike ride in Marbella, Spain

Lady Gaga was spotted riding around Spanish Marbella on a bicycle with her sister Natali before heading to the UK….

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Warrior King

Just watched the stream. THE CLOCK IS TICKING :OMG:

less than a minute ago


Can we have another "No Hand Beared" thread tbh.

2 minutes ago


where can I upload audio I have for yall to listen to?>?

7 minutes ago

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When Kim Jong Un says the US is a "Graveyard for Human Rights" you know things are getting out of hand

20 minutes ago


Anyone who would truly support OperationGaga as a website for it's Membership would NOT post a blog bashing said site, or revealing sensitive information via download. You claim to respect some members of the Mod team. If you truly did, you would take down the content, as it makes it hard on all of us who are trying to make peace and bridge the gaps.

22 minutes ago

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