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Lady Gaga to stream final artRAVE live from Paris

Lady Gaga has teamed up with Live Nation and Yahoo to live stream the final show of her artRAVE: The…

Lady Gaga enjoys bike ride in Marbella, Spain

Lady Gaga was spotted riding around Spanish Marbella on a bicycle with her sister Natali before heading to the UK….

Lady Gaga stage dives at artRAVE in Barcelona

Lady Gaga surprised fans at her sold-out artRAVE show in Barcelona last night, when she dove into the crowd after…

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artRAVE: the ARTPOP Ball
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Lisa Vanderpump

marcmonster is ugly

less than a minute ago

Andy McQueen

There has never been an artist who can go from pop to classic rock to jazz not only so effortlessly, but with such authenticity. She sits in each genre so naturally.

9 minutes ago

Lobster Boy

Why does Medonor do that thing of acting like jesus on the cross in some of her performances, like whats the point,

17 minutes ago

Danny Boy

I find Andy Cohen extremely hot

40 minutes ago

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