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Nick Monson & Dino Zisis

Added 53 minutes ago


Praise this trap remix

Added Today, 04:38 AM


Madonna feels sorry for Gaga

Added Today, 03:03 AM

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feels so good not going to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram :) Tumblr, Youtube and GGD are my besties now

15 minutes ago


i wanna fuq da goberint!1 hooka

16 minutes ago

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Electric Venus

give me that crown bitch, i wanna be sheezus :music:

18 minutes ago

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****ing bye @ you. So I can't post a funny video on GGD now without being labelled as troll?

18 minutes ago

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Rich Kid

I can't breathe at that Iggy Azalea thing :rip:

23 minutes ago

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