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Gaga Daily’s exclusive Q&A with Lady Gaga

You asked… she answered! Lady Gaga took time out of her busy schedule to answer ten questions from fans at…

Lady Gaga’s special message to fans at Gaga Daily

Hey Monsters, Lady Here. It’s time to mobilize our monster community and spread jazz as far and wide as we…

Updated: Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform in Brussels

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett joined forces for a surprise performance at Grand’place in Brussels on Monday night. The duo…

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Nicki to HOST the MTV EMA's

Added 5 minutes ago

wat dis

Added 34 minutes ago

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Oh my God guys I actually cooked dinner for my family. A legit dinner. It's gonna snow. Pigrez will fly. Bionic will suddenly go No.1 on the charts :S

5 minutes ago

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tick tock tick tock, in a few hours we have more news about the sales :party:

24 minutes ago


For some reason I Can't Give You Anything But Love makes me so happy :)

47 minutes ago

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Ray of Light


59 minutes ago

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Do anyone know / can estimate how much will BTW's score be if the 0 by tiny mixtapes wasn't counted ?

Today, 09:45 AM

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