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Lady Gaga throws surprise performance at Greece airport

Hundreds of Greek fans were waiting for Lady Gaga at the airport in Athens – and she didn’t disappoint! Mother…

New Music: Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett – Nature Boy

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have premiered “Nature Boy,” the third single from their upcoming album Cheek To Cheek, available…

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Fame Perfume

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No Eau De Gaga Promo?

Added 39 minutes ago


I hope Gaga flops really hard

Added Today, 01:44 AM

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Willy Wonka

Nicki's flawless at the iHeartRadio festival>>>>

less than a minute ago


I hope that for once Gaga releases a tour-only song on her next album #PARTYNAUSEOUS

6 minutes ago


Wondering if I should do a C2C review ???

16 minutes ago


Where are all my Alejandro's in chat?

17 minutes ago


"heaven, I'm in heaven" :sara: I love that part

19 minutes ago

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