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Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 6Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 5Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 4Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 3Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 2Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 1Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 19) 16Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 19) 15Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 19) 14Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 19) 13Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 18) 12Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 18) 11

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I'm over the moon!!! Seeing Gaga & Tony in June!

3 minutes ago

Comments (1)


amy winehouse pls come to brazil!

7 minutes ago

Matt Amor

https://vine.co/v/Ovz3EOKKv6X OMG U GUYS HAVE TO SEE THIS :LMAO:

15 minutes ago

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