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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform Cheek to Cheek LIVE

Enjoy these newly-released pictures of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s concert special, Cheek to Cheek LIVE, which airs on PBS…

Lady Gaga arrives in Dubai ahead of artRAVE show

Lady Gaga stopped to pose for pictures with fans and talk to the media as arrived in Dubai ahead of…

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David Butler

So, let me get this right, Britney wants a duet with Katy, but not Gaga?? Well, I understand why because both are talentless, lip syncing bimbos. They identify with each other. I reckon to think that Gaga turn her down. Thank God almighty that Gaga hasn't sold out and worked with her.

5 minutes ago

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I still think Madonna should bring back Everybody as a closer for her next tour.

12 minutes ago

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So how is Nature Boy or is it just not playing for everyone? :emma:

15 minutes ago


BREAKING: exclusive edition of CTC only available on the GagaDaily Store: Chica to Chica. :Chica:

23 minutes ago

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**** Facebook!

23 minutes ago

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