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Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 22) 7Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 22) 6Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 22) 5Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 22) 4Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 22) 3Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 22) 2Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 22) 1Lady Gaga with Mariah Carey 2Lady Gaga with Mariah Carey 1Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 11Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 10Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 9

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Sorry been M.i.a! Getting ready for a big MOVE

4 minutes ago


Gaga releasing PARTYNAUSEOUS for Xmas would be the perfect way to offically end the ARTPOP era.

10 minutes ago

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honestly i get more wps when im nice lol

27 minutes ago

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Andy McQueen

Is this the demo or the final thing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcNtrtcSnsM

30 minutes ago

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