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Cheek to Cheek LIVE! PBS special airs to rave reviews

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s hotly anticipated special for their new album Cheek to Cheek aired on PBS last night…

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett announce first ‘Cheek To Cheek’ tour date

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have announced the first date for their joint tour supporting their number one jazz album…

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform on Strictly Come Dancing

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett stopped by BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing to perform two tracks from their number one…

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Anybody here going to Voodoo Fest next weekend?

less than a minute ago

Bruise Violet


3 minutes ago

Morphine Prince

I need new Kanye in my life. This wait is becoming like ARTPOP.

13 minutes ago


Love Me Harder and Style sound just like DWUW. Gaga, ha IMPACT

16 minutes ago

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