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Lady Gaga sings ‘Brooklyn Nights’ at artRAVE in Melbourne

Lady Gaga surprised her Melbourne fans when she sang a snippet of “Brooklyn Night,” an unreleased ARTPOP song, at artRAVE…

Lady Gaga kicks off Australian artRAVE in Perth

Lady Gaga is back in Australia with her worldwide artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball tour! Monster Monster kicked off the Aussie…

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Andy McQueen

OMG, so it's also available here too?http://www.amazon.de/Eau-Gaga-EDP-30ml-Lady/dp/B00MA0GKAW/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1409568932&sr=8-16&keywords=EAU+DE+GAGA

11 minutes ago


Gaga also said she believes in reincarnation. Someone asked her about Joanne and she says that she believes she has two hearts inside of her, and when she's really happy, she can go at double the strength.

11 minutes ago


When is Eau De Gaga out in the UK again? 15th of sept?

27 minutes ago

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Chrysler X

BTS of DWUW MV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1yLTpb5sDs

29 minutes ago



29 minutes ago

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