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Lady Gaga covers September issue of Harper’s Bazaar

Photographed by Sebastian Faena, Lady Gaga graces the cover of the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Enjoy the cover…

Lady Gaga performs impromptu show at Rivington B+M

To celebrate the announcement of her new album with Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga headed to Rivington F&B bar in New…

Video Premiere: Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett – Anything Goes

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have unveiled the official music video for their new single “Anything Goes” from Cheek to…

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett appear on TODAY show

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett stopped by the TODAY show this morning to announce their new album Cheek to Cheek,…

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Morphine Prince

Wow, Anaconda is HORRIBLE.

10 minutes ago

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valar morghulis

The end scene with the script on her hand shows an audition time - her time to give it her all. That was the night she could change her life, her night to leave nothing behind. The scene of her clasping her hands and praying is hoping she got the role. And you got it, Gaga, you damn sure got it.

13 minutes ago


Electric Chapel is a masterpiece! The production :legend: the chorus :legend: the church bells :legend:

14 minutes ago

Comments (3)


You never know how thirsty little monsters are until you're in a WhatsApp conversation with them.

15 minutes ago

Comments (1)

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