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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett release ‘Winter Wonderland’

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett surprised fans on Tuesday morning with a new single – a beautiful rendition of a…

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney attend Kennedy Center Honors

Lady Gaga cuddled up to her boyfriend Taylor Kinney as they posed for pictures on the red carpet of the…

Gaga and Tony perform at Rockefeller Center

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett took the stage on Christmas In Rockefeller Center for a soulful performance of the holiday…

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Another new Coco song in less than an hour!!!

8 minutes ago


plug.dj party starting in an hour.

9 minutes ago


Why are Christianity, Catholicism, and Judaism considered "religion," yet Greek and Egyptian religions are merely considered "mythology?" #foodforthought

9 minutes ago

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I've shoved my earpods into my noise and the music is coming out of my mouth. Why has this never been a thing before? I sounds like I'm singing Venus here.

12 minutes ago

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YASSS! I've waited SO LONG for the Skrillex, G Dragon & CL 'Dirty Vibe' music vid to drop!

18 minutes ago

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