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Lady Gaga to stream final artRAVE live from Paris

Lady Gaga has teamed up with Live Nation and Yahoo to live stream the final show of her artRAVE: The…

Lady Gaga enjoys bike ride in Marbella, Spain

Lady Gaga was spotted riding around Spanish Marbella on a bicycle with her sister Natali before heading to the UK….

Lady Gaga stage dives at artRAVE in Barcelona

Lady Gaga surprised fans at her sold-out artRAVE show in Barcelona last night, when she dove into the crowd after…

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Look at, lookin' At, lookin' at me Look at that, look how they lookin' at me Eyes all stickin' Like honey on bees Look At that, Look how they lookin' at me!

less than a minute ago

Jay D

So glad I finished ecams! Can finally relazx after all that hard work

7 minutes ago

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i wish gaga didnt start incorporating jazz and rock into the artrave, its very flighty and its like, focus on improving the artrave instead of jumping to something else that doesnt even go. now i just feel like its so watered down now with all the half rendition of songs, the wannabe rock vibe to partynauseous, ARTPOP is hardly a rave album to begin with and half the costumes are very cheap and boring. sorry....

8 minutes ago

Comments (2)


Haus better tests the stream for artRAVE, not here for another skype mess.

10 minutes ago


Trying to find Netflix username and password on the net :rip:

11 minutes ago

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