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Win tickets to see Lady Gaga’s new Sydney wax figure!

To celebrate Lady Gaga’s artRAVE tour in Australia, Madame Tussauds Sydney have given the superstar’s wax figure its first ever…

Lady Gaga interviewed on Australian radio

Lady Gaga called into Australia’s FoxFM for a one-on-one with Fifi Box ahead of her artRAVE show in Perth. Stay…

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Would you name your kid ARTPOP?

Added Yesterday, 11:55 PM

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Andy McQueen

Gaga and Conchita have to meet. :giveup:

4 minutes ago

Aura Veil

GloZell's ice bucket challenge... I can't with this lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUp1NDysG0M&list=UU7FhOuPmxz8spz_xvJf_xow

10 minutes ago


Uuuughghghgh ARTrave was so good last night though like she clearly saw me when she was singing Dope, BTW and Gypsy. We made legit eye contact. It's such an intimate gig tbh.

17 minutes ago

Morphine Prince

I never actually used Twitter (only for celebrity tweets like Gaga) but I just went and blocked all my followers and unfollowed a lot. Will probably make it into an account for GGD tbh. I already deal with people I know irl on FB lol.

36 minutes ago

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