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Lady Gaga throws surprise performance at Greece airport

Hundreds of Greek fans were waiting for Lady Gaga at the airport in Athens – and she didn’t disappoint! Mother…

New Music: Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett – Nature Boy

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have premiered “Nature Boy,” the third single from their upcoming album Cheek To Cheek, available…

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Alex tbh

Literally I wish I had PetGa's voice just so I could say "artRAVE" over and over again!

17 minutes ago

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21 minutes ago


Customer at work "this is my favorite song" *S&M by Rihanna plays in the background* LITERALLY DEAD RN LMAO

37 minutes ago

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40 minutes ago

Miranda Sings

"I Can't Wait" is the new "The Next One"

43 minutes ago

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