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Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 11Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 10Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 9Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 8Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 7Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 6Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 5Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 4Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 3Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 2Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 20) 1Lady Gaga out in New York City (December 19) 16

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Add me on Snapchat: ollliel (that's 4 l's in total)

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Hopefully C2C is in stock. Merry Christmas to my entire family.

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Work your Blonde Benet Ramsey, we'll haunt like Liberace

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