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Cheek to Cheek LIVE! PBS special airs to rave reviews

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s hotly anticipated special for their new album Cheek to Cheek aired on PBS last night…

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett announce first ‘Cheek To Cheek’ tour date

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have announced the first date for their joint tour supporting their number one jazz album…

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform on Strictly Come Dancing

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett stopped by BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing to perform two tracks from their number one…

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Some people are so... words cant describe. Like how can someone be so miserable and negative like how is that even possible lmao

21 minutes ago


I can't stand even half of you and your whinney a** bitches. Go kill yourselves and stfu.

24 minutes ago

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The controversial 10 Commandments monument at the Oklahoma Capitol building was just destroyed by a driver who drove his car into it, claiming that satan told him to do it :rip:

30 minutes ago

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Lisa Vanderpump

i h8 it so much when you wipe and wipe and its still there... it wont go away.

33 minutes ago


Can Gaga just admit she got her Batcave for Asia?

36 minutes ago

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