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    At this point Shawn Mendes is gonna come out sooner than LG6.
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    Wow and yall stan the goddess of love, so much unnecessary shade up in this bitch.... Nasty I am ****ing disgusted with this forum and I don't even like Selena.
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    How is adding a song that came out in 2017 to an album that’s coming out in 2020 for streams/sales boosts not desperate? And the worst part is that she doesn’t even need to do this because her album is already for sure gonna top the album charts without this move
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    it's not really "desperate", more like a smart move. Also, she just scored a #1 hit, so that makes her look not-desperate. A good example of desperate is Nicki Minaj adding Fefe to her album in the middle of the tracking week
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    song of the century, bad romance could never
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    that's a great idea, FKA vs Inc is among my favorites and is very little known about some covers aren't loading tho and hey, how do you do that with links? like, putting the name instead of the URL?
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    I love her, such a great list, u an angel
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    I love her so so sooooo much 🥺
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    I mean the song is awful and the video is tragic but Gaga looks gorgeous so we stan
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    Vanessa Carlton was one of my first music loves Twilight, Private Radio, Nolita Fairytail, White Houses, Ordinary Day... Such good songs
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    That was cringe af, and if she were to pull some **** like that now, I’d gladly call her out for gaming the system. That, and if she were to do something desperate like bundle LG6 with Haus Labs products or enigma tickets. I’d be disappointed
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    The points for the #1 spot on BBH100 are SO low rn... Ahhhh why can't her team do something good FOR ONCE and make her release something before Adele or Rihanna come back. It looks like they're literally waiting for them to come back so LG6/the lead can get blocked from the #1 spot. I've HAD IT.
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    “No one cares about her new material” -> Lead single debuts at #1 and hasn’t left the top 10 since release 💀
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    Maybe she wants do her fans a favor who still buy her CDs? Besides that those songs were initially intended for SG2 anyways so I don't see anything wrong with including them as deluxe tracks
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    Stop hating, I remember people wanting The Cure on a Joanne deluxe version
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    it doesn't matter what label she's on, it's still her third album
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    She's making a greatest hits album... despite only being one album into her career?
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    She will end up including Bad Romance in there too
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    SG2 already 3B before release? LMAO. I see Selena is the biggest fraud now. Shawn Mendes who?
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    They really need a third song
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    They really need a third song that will never happen
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    They really need to make a 3rd song and name it Smartphone
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    Sounds like a lame excuse tbh. Its not a tour thats gonna make any difference whats so ever like u said too if they are truly that concerned theres other ways to get around not flying by private jet like celebrities often do and just book a seat on a normal passanger plane that was already due to fly is another option
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    Lemonade was amazing as a project, the HBO film, everything about it SCREAMED album of the year with all the praise. Meanwhile, sure Hello was a great comeback and there are some great songs on 25 (All I Ask, Water Under the Bridge, Remedy) but as a whole, it's nothing special tbh.
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    The fact that Beyonce has an AOTY nom for The Fame Monster
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    I don't see Gaga winning the same award two years in a row honestly. Spirit is probably gonna get the Grammy even though it was a bomb. Just keep in mind that Beyoncé won't go home empty-handed and she's definitely not winning pop vocal album or pop solo. The only win on lock seems to be best soundtrack at this point. ARUTW could be a beautiful surprise but Taylor is a big threat.
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    Talent and quality jumping out I guess there shouldn't be many artists with that amount of non-singles getting nominated.
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    Shallow midday 929.034.414 (+1.203.620)
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    ARUTW midday 342.999.069 (+548.985)
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    From Wikipedia "Toni Watson (born 13 May 1993),[2] known professionally as Tones and I, is an Australian singer-songwriter. She released her debut single, "Johnny Run Away", on 1 March 2019. Her irritating follow-up "Dance Monkey" was released on 10 May 2019 and somehow reached number one on the official music charts of 27 countries..." ahaahahah...WTF, who wrote this
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    female singers with d most noms on best song written for visual media at d #GRAMMYs Madonna, Lady Gaga - 3 Bey - 2 Taylor Swift - 1 Adele - 1 Lana DR- 1 Leona Lewis - 1 Annie Lennox - 1 Carole King - 1 Hayley Williams - 1 Dolly Parton - 1 Alanis morissette - 1 etc.
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    As if Gaga isn’t getting SOTY noms 13 years into her career Billie is barely starting and has a lot to prove
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    Ugh such an exciting time to stan her and witness the rise of a superstar. A decade ago I was doing that with Gaga
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    i mean at this point it’d be rare for the Grammy committee to not shower Bey with noms just for the sake of her name, however as far as winning she isn’t the Grammy’s darling everyone talks about, i mean if she was you’d think she’d have won AOTY at least once, the main reason why she has so many Grammys is because she dominates the R&B/Urban field (to be exact 19/23 are of her awards) the only “Grammy’s darling“ is Adele whose won every single award shes been nominated in since 2012
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    We winning! poor others being stuck with a clown make up line
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