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    Imagine voting for someone who insulted your daughter on national television
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    Lady Haha is back! @Admin please don’t lock this.
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    Here I've compiled a list of key takeaways from the Paper magazine interview that are relevant to new music from the album. 1- There will be a song featuring "wild animal noises," references to prehistory. Confirmed lyrics "battle for your life". (Rumored title: Babylon) 2- The album's full of explosive anthems, and its climaxes are "way bigger than The Fame". 3- A song featuring a fellow female pop star (likely Ariana) is about accepting trauma. Confirmed lyrics: "It's coming down on me, water like misery" (Rumored title: Rain On Me) 4- There will be a song about gaga's antipsychotic meds. Confirmed lyrics: "My biggest enemy is me, pop a 911" 5- There will be a song about femininity, and the strength of both Gaga and the LGBTQ+ community in helping her "become a woman" - echoing what she has previously talked about in an episode of Rupaul's Drag Race: Untucked (Season 9, Episode 1). Confirmed lyrics: "I'm not nothing without a steady hand". Possible lyrics: "Can I feel free on my own? Do I need to be loved in order to feel like I've conquered it all?" 6- The album's genre is mainly classic house, including very big dance breaks, electronic outros, synths, and emotional power-pop melodies. 7- Bonus: She's recording with Tony again, possibly for Cheek to Cheek 2! She has previously said that their next project would consist of Cole Porter songs.
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    The topic of ARTPOP comes up, specifically Gaga's contentious 2019 tweet, "I don't remember ARTPOP," which sent fans into an absolute frenzy in defense of her underrated, critically slammed 2013 effort. As it turns out, Gaga does, in fact, recall her sometimes controversial third album. "I think it's funny that I'm not allowed to have a sense of humor," she says. "The internet is essentially a big joke, but if I tell one everyone freaks out. I don't regret my art, and I wouldn't suggest anyone do." Though ARTPOP couldn't possibly compare to the colossal success of Gaga's first two albums, it's certainly her most experimental to date. (Justice for "Sexxx Dreams," the hit single that never was.) "I look back at ARTPOP and look at music today, and I see a lot of things that were very..." Gaga pauses to find the right word. "Futuristic. Or they were ahead of their time, and I'm okay with saying that." https://www.papermag.com/lady-gaga-chromatica-2645479910.html?rebelltitem=26#rebelltitem26 OMFG YES
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    Sistrens, are they pictured in a studio? And what does that cryptic message mean?
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    Whats happening. Im so excited. I just woke up to this news. My album debuted at #7 on iTunes Charts Philippines. Im soo happy. You have no idea. This is my first top ten in my country. We did it guys. We really did it. Thank you so much to everyone who supported this record. Guyssss, Im crying right now. What is going on. I cant believe this. Its like just last year, I was crying and saying that I should I give up on music and yall pushed me to go through with it and never give up. I wanna share this with everyone here and to all my friends here and to all of you. I love you all so so much. Im hyperventilating. This is my first time. Our Listening Thread is here : Also, My amazing friend @Aarghya made a Megarate here (I love you so much ): You can also listen to it on youtube here: https://smarturl.it/kaelergreyYT iTunes and Spotify here: https://smarturl.it/MagnumOpusKG @ProjectJoanne @gagaschickens @Doot @Twitter @Aarghya @Economy @EuphoricVibez @HeavyMetalLover @Franch Toast @FfFfFfFF @skedaddleBItCh @wrs @Daylight Jokers @SamanthaC @PartySick @Musicisfreedom @TheSlash @BLACKPINK @FentyGa @DonatellaPop @Dexxx @Regina George @BadGurlMadge @KatieJudasGaga4 @LadariousGarage @KinneyUnderYou @Dulo Peep @PunkTheFunk @JINNOCIDE @Sherry1411 @eeaarrllaalloo @Hanthos @brucee @Noorat @TimisaMonster @tomsches @BlondeKingOfGGD @COOOK
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    This is a summary of that thread minus some of the receipts, but y’all will have to trust the GGD members and I, or post them yourselves. Let me know of any errors or missing things and I’ll update the OP! ⚠️ Do NOT play games and spread the illegal doxxing of any sensitive** info of Gaga herself 💔 of her team members. ___________________________________________ SUMMARY: (🔹: 53) +1 🔹 SOME of Gaga’s song publishing percentages leaked, legally proving she’s very involved in her creative process (details in second post) 🔹 Original ARTPOP tracklist differences: (4) “Sexxx Dreams {feat. Robin Thicke}”, (7) “Do What U Want {Solo}”, (13) “Temple”, (14) “Nothing On But The Radio” [aka “Heard it on the Radio”], and (15) “Brooklyn Nights“ 🔹 Aura video was for ARTPOP app, had a budget of $136k USD, was directed by Ruth Hogben 🔹 Temple is finished and was close to being on ARTPOP 🔹 Applause’s vid had a $500k budget 🔹 Bobby credited as an assistant manager since at least 2012 🔹 Her gold wheelchair cost $27k 🔹 “Up” is an unreleased song Gaga wrote for ASIB with Diane Warren that didn’t make the cut 🔹 Her legal stage name was Lady GaGa, and first contact signed 30 May 2007 🔹 WDYDT and Heal Me were made before ASIB 🔹 Gaga invested $6,199.89 (🧾 : https://ibb.co/ry8pKtP), into Haus Labs, Bobby has a 10% steak in the company 🔹 Nothing on but the Radio (AP version) was produced 03/14/2012 🔹 Cheek to Cheek was gonna have a bonus track called “Let's call the whole thing off" 🔹 Haus Labs could release anything from skin care to body care, including scrubs moisturizers lip balms, bath bombs, foot soaks- literally anything imaginable. 🔹 ArtRave was supposed to get a DVD shot in the MSG on May 13th 2014, for commercial release, in the same plan as the HBO special 🔹 She got paid $5.5M for SSN in Miami 🔹 Gaga was gonna have shirts sold at the GAP 🔹 Venus doesn’t have a video apparently? 🔹 She was supposed to perform at the 2014 Grammys 🔹 Posh Life is a essentially a Born This Way reject 🔹 BTW had a 14.5M recording budget, ARTPOP had $20M, Joanne had $6M, ASIB $2M 🔹 A Judas performance was scrapped at the 2011 MMVAs 🔹 List of songs Interscope acquired once Gaga signed with them back in 2007 | Song titles uncovered (Talk 2 Me, Fabulesque, We Are Plastic [Melt in the Summer], and Yeah Yeah): { https://imgur.com/Ywh8F3g } 🔹 The Fame Monster is contractually considered her second album, Joanne her fifth. 🔹 She HAD a contract for 8 albums, it ended before The Cure. 🔹 Gaga paid $80k for a song, but it eventually became unreleased 🔹 Gaga’s contract has been renewed, and Arabella was a gift from Interscope to Gaga 🔹 The oscars only paid her $2k for the TSOM Tribute, but low prices like that are industry standard 🔹 Gaga was supposed to perform at the 2014 World Cup 🔹 The budget for Five Foot Two was $7.2 million 🔹 Recently, she signed a 7 million dollars worth contract with Dom Perigon 🔹 Gaga isn’t allowed to perform within 100 miles of the MGM Grand until Enigma is contractually over 🔹 Gaga’s budget for the 2013 VMAs Applause performance was $638,668 🔹 A $100k reimbursement was paid for the fan left graffiti on statues at the ARTPOP album launch concert 🔹Stanford University is an investor in Haus Labs 🔹 Gaga's compensation to R.Kelly for his feature, was her owing him a feature. Though the track would have to be cleared by her. 🔹 Brooklyn Nights and Nothing On But the Radio are listed as “keeping tracks” 🔹 Bobby was the one who secured the 5 † 23 † 11 promo on the NYC subways 🔹 *** The ARTPOP app had way more features than announced 🔹 Some of the Zedd songs Gaga used for ARTPOP: 🔹 Gaga resigned with Interscope for 8 more albums in January 2017 🔹 Gaga signed for 5 solo studio albums in May 2007 🔹 Interscope refused to fund the Monsterball 2.0, so Gaga funded it herself with money she’d earn from 2008-09 ($3M) 🔹 For the 2016 Golden Globes, Neil Lane jewelry paid Gaga $100k to wear 3 pieces on the red carpet. 🔹 Gaga was gonna have a Bud Light commercial as a part of the Dive Bar deal era, and the first phase of it paid her $2.1M 🔹 Gaga invested $3M of her own money into the Coachella performance 🔹 Carino was involved with endorsement deals in 2017, such as a Cloud Chaser Rosé endorsement deal. 🔹 Gaga’s invested in Uber 🔹 TFM and BTW’s success gave Gaga the opportunity to extend her 2007 5 solo album agreement, twice 🔹 “Dope” seems like was the most expensive song to produce on ARTPOP at $100k (Rick Rubin probably has a high rate) 🔹 Gaga allegedly wanted 15 songs for ARTPOP, but had plans to release the 3 extra finished songs on the app. 🔹 Gaga’s Superbowl budget was $10M (thanks Pepsi and NFL), which is probably why Joanne’s Interscope budget was only $6M. 🔹 Gaga once had Interscope on their knees 😛 🆕🔹 Gaga’s recording contract details: ⏺ Things seem to be dying down now. If I miss anything add it to the thread below or PM me (preferably with receipts) _______________________________________ 🔴 CORRECTIONS: (🔺 17) +1🆕 🔺 DJWS never sued Gaga 🔺 Venus’ music video was never complete 🔺 Aura never had its own real music video, just the ARTPOP app intro 🔺 The 15 date Chromatica Ball info is not from the contracts, idk where it came from, probably fake 🔺To clear up the 8 album thing: Joanne is her fifth LP, but her 8th album (EP or LP) release was with Interscope (Joanne), so her contract ended then (2007-16), and she’s since resigned with Interscope. 🔺 Nothing on but the Radio was renamed to “Heard It on the Radio”, in the same way Burqa went to Aura 🔺 Gaga signed on for 5 solo albums on May 30th 2007, and renewed her contract after Joanne was secured in January 2017 🔺 I have not confirmed that Bobby was brought on as a manager in 2012, only that he was the assistant manager since 2012. He’s been working for Gaga since at least 2011 🔺 8 more albums, not 8 more solo albums. It’s probably another 5 solid albums, no one has posted the contract yet oops 🔺 Gaga got Arabella as a 2015 Christmas gift. Gaga resigned in Jan 2017. Arabella has nothing to do with a contract 🔺 Alleged current contract situation: 🔺 Tea and Onion Girl are not mentioned anywhere in these contracts 🔺 Basically Gaga has flexibility in her contract and cab choose to amend or add on eras to it if she pleases 🔺 Bloody Mary has no written evidence that it was made for The Fame Monster 🔺 Interscope funded the Monsterball 1.0, just not the revamp 🔺 Gaga did not invest $6 million dollars into Haus Labs, but I also read somewhere she might also have a stake in the company, as do many other people. ________________________________________ 🟢 Currently finished page 18* of this thread and page 115* of the other, catch up secured! Also if y’all could post image receipts in the thread that’d be nice ❣️❤️❣️❤️
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    https://www.target.com/p/lady-gaga-chromatica-target-exclusive-cd/-/A-79694377 1 Chromatica I 2 Alice 3 Stupid Love 4 Rain On Me (feat. Ariana Grande) 5 Free Woman 6 Fun Tonight 7 Chromatica II 8 911 9 Plastic Doll 10 Sour Candy (feat. BLACKPINK) 11 Enigma 12 Replay 13 Chromatica III 14 Sine From Above (feat. Elton John) 15 1000 Doves 16 Babylon 17 Love Me Right 18 1000 Doves (Piano Demo) 19 Stupid Love (Warehouse Mix)
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    https://variety.com/2021/music/news/lady-gaga-inauguration-joe-biden-kamala-harris-1234883961/ Lady Gaga is set to sing the national anthem for the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Jan. 20. The Biden-Harris inaugural committee confirmed to Variety that Gaga is on board to perform “The Star Spangled Banner” for the swearing-in ceremony, which typically begins around 11:30 a.m. ET on the West front of the U.S. Capitol. Also on deck for the ceremony: Jennifer Lopez will perform; Andrea Hall, a career firefighter, will lead in the Pledge of Allegiance; Amanda Gorman, the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate (and a Los Angeles native), will recite a poem; an invocation will be delivered by Father Leo O’Donovan, and a benediction by Reverend Dr. Silvester Beaman, both longtime friends of the Biden family.
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    https://www.aarp.org/entertainment/celebrities/info-2021/tony-bennett-alzheimers.html�/ I won’t post the whole article as it’s a long one, but a really wonderful (though sad) article. Main thing is that Tony has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and actually got diagnosed 5 years ago. There’s quite a lot about Gaga. Music-wise, this may be of interest: In 2014 Lady Gaga and Tony recorded Cheek to Cheek, an album of standards that debuted at number one on Billboard's Top 200 pop and rock chart — the kind of intergenerational success that simply cannot be ignored. Soon, a follow-up was being discussed. The songs were recorded, in widely spaced sessions, between 2018 and early 2020. After a number of delays, owing to Gaga's burgeoning movie-stardom (in A Star Is Born) and solo-recording career (including the release of her recent LPs Joanne and Chromatica) — to say nothing of the COVID-19 pandemic — the collaboration is finally being prepared for release this spring. Tony was already showing clear signs of the disease, Susan said, when he and Gaga started recording the new LP at New York's Electric Lady Studios two years after his diagnosis. Indeed, Susan was not entirely sure that Tony was up to the task. “We'll try,” she recalled telling Danny. “That's all I can tell you. We'll try."
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    LMAO she knows that we are waiting
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    [email protected]'s #Chromatica aiming for sixth consecutive #1 album in the US with 265-285K first week, her biggest debut since 'Born This Way' (via @HITSDD).
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    Starting today, there will be no more ads on Gaga Daily for logged in users, ever. Enjoy!
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    Let's be real for a second here. Apart from Bad Romance, Gaga managed to get a number of other so-called "hits" but none of them can actually hold up in court, because all of them can be explained by a series of lucky events. Let's see: From The Fame: Just Dance (reached #1 because of people just trying and see what it was) Poker Face (reached #1 because people were giving Gaga the benefit of the doubt after her first singe failed) LoveGame (the video was sexual) Eh, Eh (we don't talk about it) BDR (people just confused it with Poker Face) Paparazzi (people were obsessed with paparazzi photos and found the song when searching for the term in Google, by chance) From The Fame Monster: Bad Romance - Gaga's only real hit Telephone (people were itnerested in Beyoncé, not Gaga) Alejandro (nuns were mad) From Born This Way: Born This Way (reached #1 thanks to upwards gravity) Judas (people bought it out of spite for the real Judas) The Edge of Glory (people thought she was Katy Perry here. I don't have proof but Im sure of it) You and I (the GP just listened to it after Elton John mentioned it under the wrong title, then elft it because they were uninterested) Marry the Night (didn't reach #-3) From ARTPOP: Applause (people were only listening to it because Katy Perry indirectly promoted it) Do What U Want (this song doesn't even exist) A-YO (people didn't even know its real title) From Joanne: Perfect Illusion (the GP was only interested because of the hype) Million Reasons (only reached #4 because it was a good song) G.U.Y. (not even a hit) From ASIB: Shallow (in times of COVID, the people found comfort in the audience sound effects) ARUTW (too long to type, too cheesy to accomodate the GP's exclusive taste) INLA (even longer tittiele than ARUTW) From Chromatica: Stupid Love (people were nostalgic of the Texas Rangers, but confused them with the Power Rangers) Rain on Me (basically Ariana's solo single) 911 (the video was shockign) I know this opinion is controversial but you all know deepd won that I'm right.
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    With due respect, I really want to say before jumping on any conclusions re-watch the video, look-up the references on Google and try to understand the allegories, imageries, metaphors. It's not that hard, BAD ROMANCE has some movie-culture references and 911 has numerous historical, political, movie and art-centric references. In post-post modern era, don't feel like an Artist obliged to spoon-feed the audience. You all have some basic-plotline based videos, now GAGA has embraced her Artistic self again. Re-read her post again, please! THIS IS THE GAGA! THIS IS STEFANI! THIS IS HER DREAM and REALITY! I'm so happy to get a video from her which embraces ART so much! Welcome back, honey!
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    https://www.instyle.com/celebrity/lady-gaga-may-cover A SERVE OMG
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    This thread is a skip
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    Speaking at the WHO conference today, Gaga announced that she has helped raise a total of 35,000,000$ for covid-19 relief, by reaching out to many organizations and celebrities. She has also addressed the viewers, telling them the event is NOT a fundraiser, but a treat from them to us. She said that it was important for her that all the money would be raised before the actual event, so that this would be considered a gift. She said: "This broadcast is not actually a fundraiser [...] Put your wallets away, put your credit cards away [...] and sit back and enjoy the show that you all very much deserve." I ****ing adore her
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    so they basically just spoiled her fallon announcement Looks like she really cant announce anything herself this era. poor gagz
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    That's fine but did you really need to make a thread? There's a thread to discuss Chromatica.
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    Lady Gaga - Artist of the Year Rain on Me - Video of the Year - Song of the Year - Best Collaboration - Best Pop - Best Choreography - Best Cineamateography - Best Visual Effects Smile (Cover) - Best Quarantine Live Performance MAKE SURE YOU VOTE HERE: http://www.mtv.com/vma/vote/
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    youtube: NOW THAT'S WHAT WE CALL TRICONIC BEHAVIOUR. BRB I'M STILL UGLY CRYING edit: why did born this way get snubbed again like it did at the 2012 grammys?
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    It’s a good thing Gaga has her heart set out on other things
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    Gaga and Michael were spotted in L.A. earlier today. She’s got a Chromatica necklace
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    Just called by at least CNN and NBC! Add ABC News and The Associated Press to the list! IT'S OFFICIAL, BABY!
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    I love her so much At the end of the vid is a CTV logo! I'm assuming Chromatica TV! It says Stay Tuned, so there's more coming. The serves
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    It was pretty difficult to read this topic with your profile picture.
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