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Gaga Playing Studio Version Of 'Princess Die'?


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her voice is too high, and its not like gaga would pitch her vocals all the way. plus, i've heard this before. 

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Pookie Mami

That has to be legit... Sounds amazing... far better than what we heard at BTWB.


I get fooled every time right? Sad... because I like this version...

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That's a fake snippet. They used some crowd noises and pitched up a fan cover of Princess Die and added that in.


Here's the cover so you can check it out:



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Not surprised if Princess Die becomes a single the way You & I did.. :awkney:

Hey, its done right it COULD be awesome. Seriously she HAS to release Princess Die. It's seriously a beautiful and tragic song.

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Soul Hybrid

Gaga dis sound aaammaaizzzziiinngggg




But seriously, It´s sounds great, and the Oh Oh in the backgrounds  :party:

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