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Any Chance That Gaga Can Still Top Her Sales Peak?


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  1. 1. Do you think Gaga can still outsell her previous work sales peak? (e.g Poker Face sales, The Fame sales)

    • Why not? Heck YES!
    • Doubt it.
    • Are you kidding me? NO!
    • No one care about charts and sales! smh

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I would say no however I'm keeping my mind open about this because it's Gaga we're talking about here. It will be much harder to reach those figures with ARTPOP. With TF she was this new cool chick with a sound that was different from what was on the radio at the time. She didn't have any history. I'm sure some people were disappointed with BTW and they were kinda left with a bad taste in their mouth. So for Gaga it's going to be hard to gain all those people back.


Look at Rihanna. It's like she's getting bigger and bigger after each album and she's been making music for 8 years now. She just had her number one album with Unapologetic and is on a very successful Diamonds tour. She did have a slow start compared to Gaga though.


We'll see. I just feel like with Gaga it's so hard to predict her future. 


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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