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2 hours ago, Blackout19 said:

Who do you think it has remained the same in recent years?
I feel like Madonna it's the same. She loves to do things for her fans (putting some songs out, even if it's not an album, doing a tour at her age).. not that Gaga will not do this.
Sometimes I miss the old Gaga. 

Madonna has always cared about the bling, and it's even more noticeable now. She's kinda mean and the main reason I hate her is because of her fans, just like with Nicki

Don't take me too seriously, I am just a monkey
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King of the Fall

Very silly thread designed for rage bait

Edited by North Country Guy
We define our moral ground, but when I crawl into your arms, everything comes tumbling down
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33 minutes ago, InTheCloset said:

Poosie poosie poosie poosie poosie poosie poosie poosie poosie tight:volantis:

Poosie in bio :sis:

Time. It will not wait, no matter how hard you hold on...
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I didn't want to write something bad about Gaga or something else, but you are very nice. :ororomunroe:

Marilyn Monroe is my best friend.
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