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GaGa: Art y capitalism can be friends


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6 minutes ago, Chromamama said:

Haus Labs being the reason why she's turned so capitalist and why she now owns that hideous car thing is yet another reason why I hate it :rip:

Girl is doing anything but releasing music


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Why is this a turn off tho 🥺I will say the Fame perfume launch was art and capitalism and I was here for it lol 

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Wanted to praise fame perfume hehe
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35 minutes ago, littlepotter said:

Not his :deadbanana: era off to a great start DELETE

u know what though? I will say I appreciate she have us having BIG thoughts about philosophical stuff like "can money and art be friend?" whereas other fan base can just bop and drop and busssypop to their favs music on the regular! We have to sit and collectively THINK about things like this that are sooo deep and meaningful and powerful. WOW GaGa..WOW! thank u Haus Labs and GaGa #HausLabs4Ever

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music and the bling i guess :air:


while i dont think this is an inherently bad statement ... and it does depend on the context and all ... it still is wild to me that this is the same girl that all those years ago said she'd never live in california, hated hollywood, hated selling perfume, music not the bling etc like damnnn if you'd told me in 2014 this is what gagas attitude would be i really wouldn't have believed you. i can't help but be a little bit heartbroken by it


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human turd
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My first reaction was "sad" but remember artists has to eat too 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Tons of capitalist queens to draw inspiration from then, mamas. Give us promo for LG7 :billie:

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