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Bebe Rexha attacker may have charges dropped


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The man who struck Bebe Rexha in the face with his flying phone at a New York concert last summer may get away with only facing 40 days of community service for the attack.

During a recent court hearing, Nicholas Malvagna accepted an offer from the court to have his charges dismissed if he completes 40 days of community service and does not violate an order of protection for 6 months.


I had a hole in the pocket of my favourite coat And my love for @Juanlittlem dropped into the lining
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She just can't win, even in court when she's 100% the victim:air:

Je ne parle pas français but I can padam if you like
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You do this to a stranger on the street? Best case (but unlikely) scenario: probation.

More likely scenario? Jail.

Very bizarre. They could have made an example out of him & helped stop this behavior.

Poor Bebe, this isn't fair.

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Nah I’m not even a bebe fan but i remember they said they did it because they thought it would be funny. 

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If it’s a plea wouldn’t Bebe’s team have to agree/offer the deal? It seems like she’s showing the kid mercy, though we can debate wether or not it’s deserved lol 

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