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What do you expect LG7 to sound like?


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Basically title, there's been a lot of speculation that LG7 will be a very rock influenced album which is a genre that would fit amazingly with her vocal range. Now, rock is a wide genre of music and I am a big fan of many rock subgenres as in shoegaze, grunge, alternative rock, art rock, etc.

Considering that Gaga's music is very unpredictable and heterogeneous which makes her such a fascinating artist to listen to, I think this album could be a big opportunity for Gaga to get crazy and experiment with her voice and sound.

So now back on topic, this is what I expect LG7 to sound like or at least I'd love to: 










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No ****ing clue I've never been so confused about an upcoming Gaga album :laughga: But I'm so goddamn hyped I feel like it's gonna be GREAT music

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I hope it sounds like a mixture of Allie X’s new album and Caroline’s Desire

gaga, halsey, lorde, taylor, dua
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38 minutes ago, SOON said:

Allie X’s new album

Have had on repeat all last night and this morning :rockstar: AOTY imo

Tbh I want another dark era from Gaga, it's what she does best and I will die on this hill

Maybe this time around she has found a way to compartmentalize her art from emotion and can serve a dark era without it affecting her mental health.

Judging from the instruments we've seen (horn, electric guitar, modular synth) it's shaping up to be her most interesting release since BTW. 

If Chromatica was ARTPOP's little sister (I know this was debunked or whatever but it shares a lot of similarities), I'd love for LG7 to be BTW's little sister.

Ready for another 22 track Special Edition :ororomunroe:

Songs over 4 and 5 min :oops:

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she's working with andrew watt you can say goodbye to all of that and expect generic rock

Talk **** on me again ill sandwich your fuggin face
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((Edit; Memes aside... I think its going to be Joanne x ASIB lovechild.... for some reason.))

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What’s fortnight
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What I’ve learned is you will not expect it! Just buckle up and enjoy the ride. It’s always a good ride. 

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