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SZA announces 'LANA' the SOS Deluxe


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From SZA:

“So the deluxe is like a whole ‘nother album, and it’s called Lana. It’s seven to 10 songs, and it’ll be out this fall,” SZA said at New York’s Brooklyn Navy Yard at an event on Sept. 8.

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13 minutes ago, TheOriginalOne said:

It’s giving


Well at least SZA will actually release:healedmyheart:

The abyss stares back
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Judas Oyster

Love SZA, but... new title for album, new tracks, new album cover and this after 1 year of release of SOS...

Why not release it as a new album as it pretty much is? If the answer is streaming numbers, then I don't like this.
Even if 10 songs, maybe make 3 more, and wait some, then u have a full complete new album. Then new PR campaign, new music videos etc. That makes more sense and takes care of the art behind it.

IF these songs are an actual continuation of SOS storytelling then it's fine I guess

Off topic: btw, do you see my profile picture? I wanna know if other see this broken picture-symbol or if it's just me? lol

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