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“The Lady & The Legend” Documentary cancelled


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Wet Fire

I want to say I'm not disappointed because I know everything related to Gaga is either postponed indefinitely or scrapped but I am disappointed. They should have a better team who can do better planning and negotiations. It's embarrassing. 

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Space Cowboy

I wonder why Paramount+ was under the impression of it being out next week but neither Tony or Gaga's camp has confirmed days before the rumored release date.

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Modern Ecstasy2
2 minutes ago, Puddin said:

I’m disappointed but it’s okay. Everything in its due time! :) 

That’s not what history with Gaga has shown us.

“Delete this thread that person is not Gaga he is a hot blonde twink”
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9 minutes ago, Levine said:

My god, I just recently found out that she' s such a little monster. What a queen! 

This ! In the new year I’m deffo taking a step back from GGD, not because I love Gaga any less just I don’t need so much negativity anymore as it’s quite draining.

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Ok but luxx is getting annoying giving a voice to the anti-negativity brigade portion of the fanbase.

Here's the real tea: the issue is not that projects like this get delayed, cancelled,... per se. It's that there is a complete lack of communication, and it's making the fans feel like worthless consumers vs. committed "shareholders" if you will (and, yes, that term is a legit choice, as many LMs have invested and continue to invest an incredible amount of money into Gaga's act).

I get that it's Gaga's personal choice and prerogative to not jump on Instagram or X or wherever to be like "hey guys, I'm so happy you're excited about the documentary! I promise you it's coming and I will let you know when soon! Love you, bye x" but it would immediately avoid the majority of the tidal waves of disappointment and aggregating bitterness that's been consuming the fan community.

Gaga isn't the only one at risk of alienating her fans this way. We've been seeing it happen to plenty of pop stars recently, incl the "untouchable" Taylor in just the last few months.

I guess this post can also just be explained away as being "negative" but, honestly, it's just poor business, and it's not unreasonable to point that out. If fans are treated as mere customers, then it is not unpredictable that they will start to behave as displeased customers.

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The fact that this documentary was supposed to be first released in 2021 and now we might not even get it this year either :smh: on my local country’s MTV it is still listed for dec 12 release but maybe they just didn’t bother to change the program

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2 minutes ago, MOT said:

Why is everyone convinced that the Tuesday showing isn't going to happen ?

Many schedules no longer show it. Seems others are simply running behind.

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