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This sound for lg7


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Hello Monsters,

i stumbled upon this AI cover, and am just in awe how amazing Gagas vocals would be with such a production. thoughts?


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maybe for like one song on the album but ngl I'd struggle with a whole album of it :air: I did love this song back in the day though

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No noo far too dated and removed from Gaga's aesthetic. I want something modern and stylish.

Also this AI version sounds almost identical to the original lol

I'm fine, Ta
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Okay 2 things

1. My first ever stan obsession was Evanescence right before Gaga so talk about clashing of worlds :air: 

2. Why did they use the audio from the music video? :bear:  super low quality with the audience still in the background. This song is pretty easy to obtain


Edit: okay third thing.. I've heard the original literally thousands of times so I cannot unhear Amy's voice :laughga:  and it sounds weird because Gaga doesn't do a lot of long sustained notes without vibrato, but back then that was Amy's style 

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