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Troye Sivan Is GQ Man Of The Year 2023


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The GQ Men of the Year Awards brought some serious star power to Sydney's Bondi Beach on Wednesday evening.

Troye Sivan opted to forgo the black tie dress code, preferring to embrace the vibe of the beachside suburb.

The Rush singer looked casual cool in a layered, all-white ensemble that consisted of loose fitting shorts. 

He completed his look with black headwear, kicks and socks. 

The South African-born star cut a dashing figure in an all-white designer Prada getup and graciously showed his appreciation in a moving acceptance speech.

'Thank you so much everyone. It's not lost on me the irony of me winning Man of the Year when I did drag for the first time this year,' he began. 

'I feel more in touch with my femininity than ever. I think it speaks to a point I'd like to make, which is that my relationship with masculinity has been strange my entire life.'


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Ladle Ghoulash
4 hours ago, BlingNotTheMusic said:

Forget Taylor + Time. THIS is deserved!

Troye Sivan Dancing GIF by Saturday Night Live

It absolutely sends me that Timothee refuses to touch his crotch in this skit :ladyhaha:

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