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In your opinion, what is the most underrated and the most overrated thing about gaga?

For me, I think gagas success is so underrated and can only be matched by a few people in the music industry EVER!.

I think the quality of her music is actually overrated mostly by fans. in my opinion some of her albums severely lack in production department. Gaga will always sound amazing and write a catchy tune but production can be hit or miss

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Most overrated:

- Bad Romance is Gaga's best song

- ARTPOP is a great album

Most understand:

- Hey Girl is really a good song

- 1000 Doves should have been single

Marilyn Monroe is my best friend.
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Bad Romance being declared her best music video. Pretty much every music video that came after, excluding Million Reasons, Edge of Glory, Stupid Love, and Perfect Illusion far surpass it to me.

Her pop work is also generally overrated among fans in my opinion. I think her best work is her work outside of pop (excluding her ballads like Speechless, You and I, Enigma, 1000 Doves, etc), where her true vocal talent is showcased.

I think Joanne is highly underrated.

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Julien Lockhart


The Fame Monster's impact

Her succes

Overrated :

ARTPOP as her best album for a lot of fans

He ate my heart
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Overrated - Her performance in ASIB. Don't get me wrong, she was amazing but she was playing a singer so it wasn't that unique to her. She can definitely act though so don't come at me :stalkga:

Underrated - The whole ARTPOP era :koons:


trolly troll troll
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3 hours ago, Blackout19 said:

1000 Doves should have been single

1000 Doves is one of her worst songs (the standard version), it sounds soooo dated, it belongs to 2014 and it is really hard for me to listen to it. Dont know why they decided to produce it that way. The piano version is fine.

I See You
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-Anything Hold My Hand related



-Million Reasons....to think that song is her worst ballad


-Anything SXSW 2014 Live Show by Doritos related

-The Countess

-Eh Eh right before Bad Romance at the Monster Ball 1.0

-Cake like Lady Gaga 

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