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Unpopular opinion: Chromatica Ball Tour


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latina twilight

- her big 3 as the opening act was GENIUS: she knew the rest of the setlist was strong enough without them anyway. also, if i unexpectedly heard bad romance (+ the fire) after that long intro i would've c*m

- i don't give a damn about the simplicity of the stage, tho i would love in a future to see more props + special effects

- she looked her best in this tour, and the costumes are probably my favourites

- she was insane with alice/replay/monster, amazing combo

- it would've been a better choice to have two short piano sections rather than a long one, but that is a recurring thing for her tours

- the visuals are her best but the interludes were unnecessarily long and tedious

- it's time to rework some of her older songs, some of them have been the same exact performance for over a decade

- stupid love was made for stadiums, i would've rather have it close the show instead of rom. hold my hand is perfect for the encore, idc what anyone says, it made perfect sense for me

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Y’all crucified me for this, but not using football stadiums was a terrible mistake. Shawty had the nets up and everything at one of the shows. All for silly little headlines that boasted her being the first woman to headline or sell the most tickets there and yada yada yada. Means absolutely nothing when there’s an even bigger venue in the same city that’s been sold out by women before. 

A film at this point is just dumb. It’s been too long and Taylor and Beyoncé already scored #1s at the domestic box office, so when TCB drops on streaming it’s gonna look like a sub-par product. (Which it low key will be)

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I think it was interesting how suddenly everybody on here was an expert on Brutalism. Just like everybody was suddenly a specialist on Albanian cinema after the 911 video and on Marina Abramovic after ARTPOP. 

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3 hours ago, LateToCult said:

it’s gonna look like a sub-par product



Jkjk the show will look fabulous on Netflix or Disney+

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- Loved the aesthetics, the stage, the costumes, her hair and make up, the visuals. Great

- She was VERY consistent vocally.

- It's time to retire Telephone and Lovegame from tours, or HEAVILY revamp the way they're performed.

- Paparazzi could've been performed, in it's original studio key.

- I actually didn't mind Gaga not dancing during some of the songs she used to dance in, it meant she managed her energy better.

- Chromatica had a pretty clear storyline that could've worked as a conceot album, I was disappointed that was not the storyline she used.

- Replay, Enigma, Babylon and the piano segments were the best parts.

- I would've appreciated more variation in the set list between legs.

- She should've performed the whole album.

- South America, Oceania and Africa deserved dates. It was a short tour, she could've squeezed a month rest and do a few dates south of the Equator... 

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Nathaniel Arven

_The absence of ARTPOP is an artistic choice. Chromatica is brutalism, ARTPOP is a metaphor. there was no place for the metaphor in chromatica. 

It's not about painting your chaos, but more exposing it bare. 

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It’s the most Gaga tour since BTWB.

Bad Romance was a let down. Also, Just Dance and Poker Face without dancing was a weird choice.

Rain On Me without rain? Ooooook…..

Hold My Hand as a closer was perfect. She was serving vocals and rock star quality.

Replay, Enigma, Babylon and 911 are some of her best tour performances ever.

The piano was insane!

The visuals are her best in her whole career!!

Lovegame was awesome, truly a song that comes alive when it’s performed.

I don’t mind that she didn’t perform Paparazzi and Alejandro. Telephone could have been skipped though. 

When we're not together tell me everything's gonna be alright
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so I must admit I feel like gaga hated this era in general. ok we had the pandemic situation but I think she just made this record to justify her fans and maybe fulfilling her contract. and the tour was ...meh.... don't want to compare artists, BUT when you look the resent Tours of Madonna and Beyonce or Taylor Swift, then you realize that Gaga could have so much more Potential with her music catalog and talent and opputurnities. I mean she has money, talent and the demand was there also..... this era had a bitter taste in my mouth. how badly Gaga's Team managed her album rollout and promotion .....but im happy for the fans who enjoyed it

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On 12/3/2023 at 7:26 AM, Brizel said:

The tour sounds bad from most of these reviews, no wonder it’s been shelved 

No it's not bad. While not perfect It's actually a pretty great tour. The problem is Beyonce and even to a lesser extent Taylor Swift have raised the bar in terms of production. Gaga looks cheap by comparison. 

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Gaga Goddess

Good show, couldn't see a thing.

The stage/catwalks were insanely minimal and lackluster.

Starting off with her 3 signature hits was... a choice, so was ending it with HMH.

She sounded and looked great tho, and seeing my friends experience a Gaga show for the first time was very special.

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