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Half Life receives 25th Anniversary update, free until 20th November


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The same game you played in 1998 - restored, augmented, and revitalized

We created a new webpage to showcase all the updates in detail, but here's a quick rundown of the updates to the base game:

• Updated graphics settings, including lighting fixes and an actual widescreen field of view
• Controller and Steam Networking support
• Steam Deck support - officially Verified!
Also including lots of cool new (or restored) content!

The 25th Anniversary Update includes added content from Half-Life Uplink as well as four (4!) new multiplayer maps. We've also restored some content for the true nostalgia-seekers, including original main menu artwork and some early prototype player models from the alpha builds of the game.

And a short film to mark the occasion

We invited the the original development team to get back together to reminisce about what it was like working on Half-Life all those years ago. (For those of us who worked on it, 25 years is, after all, literally half a life.) The fine folks at Secret Tape captured the reunion on film. If you're so inclined, please take a stroll down memory lane with us or just hop back in to the game and enjoy (we hope!) the updates, new maps, and more.

Thank you, everyone, truly, for 25 years of Half-Life.

For those new to the game, Half-Life is available for free this weekend - grab it now and keep it forever, and check out discounts on the whole franchise.

mother, what must i do?
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It's often on sale on Steam for 1-2€ so it's not that much of an opportunity :air:

You popped my heart seams, all my bubble dreams
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