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Ariana Grande supports boyfriend at opening night of Broadway's Spamalot


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I remember getting slammed in another thread for joking about the guy who is "the world's hottest man" only to come here and see all the shallow gays talking sh*t :flower:

As long as they're happy who cares :flower:

Good for her supporting her boyfriend's project. Love that for the Rain on Me princess :flutter:

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Some of y'all forget (or maybe don't know) that Ariana is a nerdy theater kid. I would not be surprised if her relationship with this guy ends up going for the long haul.

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I don’t see anything unattractive about him. Gays’ standards are unattainable. 

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Roughhouse Dandy

I'll never support cheating, but idk the real background of their relationship so I can't really judge. What I can say is dude is cute af and talented so go off Ariana. 

This is my Hannah Montana™️ lipgloss.
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