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Joker: Folie à Deux about to be finished in post-production


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5 minutes ago, Juanlittlem said:

Yes this is old, apparently they said there's two possible things happening

a) She's singing 'cause she turn in Joker to the police.

b) She's with Joker and police came for them and she's hallucinating (so maybe that's why the cops are just watching)

Yeah just as I imagined it's an old clip, thank you!

And sorry mods for this OT 

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1 hour ago, Levine said:

I was trying to find it lol I guess it's an old clip tho, weird that I missed it. Posting under spoiler


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Bitch this **** is so god damn good. I know she just looks like a god damn PSYCHO and I am here for it :giveup: gave me chills again. Her voice sounded so good. How tf do you do that while moving on stairs like that? I don’t know. But Gaga knows. Cause she’s that bitch.


I really think they should move up the release date. This would be the perfect Halloween movie!!

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