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Bloody Mary enters Top 15 on US Radio


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TheFame Monster

I hope it can reach top 10 on Pop radio, but it’s been stalling :bradley:

also each station I hear it on plays a different edit. One cuts the intro, the first post chorus with the scream, and ends the song after the second chorus. Another plays a sped up version that is in the normal pitch, but cuts the bridge in half and the outro in half. 

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We have a thread where we talk about Charts :) 

Have you checked the Charts Thread today?!
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Meanwhile in Canadian Radio it's flopping harder than Lotus :deadbanana:


Legit, it's slaying all over the world and Canada one of her biggest Stans of all time is paying her dust with BM it makes no sense :madge:


Clearly Bloody Mary Smashed and Canada didn't :coffee:

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