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Celebrating our 212th GaGa Heardle Today!

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Hey, guys!

The Lady GaGa Heardle is going strong for the 212th day today!

Check it out at 100fans.app! There could be 100 fans in a room ... and they could discuss the day's song choices in this thread!

I suck at promoting stuff so it's really more like 30 fans who visit the site everyday. If you could share it forward, that'd be amazing.

My brother and I are building a line of trivia games on mobile and the web (our latest one being whoisthis.app which is like Wordle/Heardle but for celebrity faces). So if there's interest, we could totally do versions for other artists or genres. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Have fun guys!

P.S. Special thanks to @SamanthaC for getting this post approved!


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Oh! I always play this whenever someone posts it on the CC thread :kara:

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