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Lady Gaga - Hallelujah, Opinions!

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Lady Gaga - Hallelujah is for me a good song, yes It's in a demo phase or rather late to soon finished emo phase but I love it. For me the lyrics are catchy, good and fun basically ARTPOP for me, i would love to get this on an act ll if it ever exists. Some things I have seen are negative about this song, for example Gaga's vocals or lyrics. Some say the lyrics are to chaotic and unfinished/random and some say her voice is bad and needs better vocals. Yes her voice isn't studio recorded/mastered but i love her "high" voice/crack voice and her 2013 ARTPOP voice so much, a new master would change that era! And as far as the lyrics go...how could you just not love it!!!!

"Then remember when we shot a
Scene in that foam bathtub
I was just a little mermaid
In the arms of your love
Ariel has got her prince and
Now they're both drinking beer
Living life above the water
No octopus to fear
It's kinda like I woke up in a Disney dream
But then I got real high
And I became the queen"

Like common that is just too good! Disney references, party and drugs, when she met her old fiance and overall the love song!


Listen here!



This meat dress stinks <3
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It's the only ARTPOP leak that I actually kind of like more than some songs that actually made the cut, if I imagine it spruced up a bit

AKA if she didn't rap in the verse and just sang instead

Actual patient
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It’s one of her worst unreleased songs.  I can’t slam it too much as it’s clearly a very, very rough demo but it’s… not good :bradley:

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Glad it didn’t progress into a released track

Pronounced like “Balenciaga” . Emphasis on the “Ga”
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hallelulu delulu with this one

Je ne parle pas français but I can padam if you like
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Even though I'm a huge ARTPOP stan, nope, it's awful to me, sorry :messga:

I've been getting messages from my deep waters
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I haven’t even listened to it again since it leaked. I guess I wasn’t impressed  :billie:

My. Lawyer. Liked. That.
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I just listened to it cause I had no idea a track leaked.

the song is hot garbage.

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