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I really have to admit that I like Dawn of Chromatica more than Chromatica. What a remix album- yall sleeping on this! Listen-


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I think I do to !

It's such a good album ! :vegas:

This life is only art / On life’s support / And nature is knight / No king or court
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22 minutes ago, Blackout19 said:


20 minutes ago, Cauliflower said:




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I love u honey for this. DoC was slapping

Im in love with Nate Jacobs and i have never ever been happier.
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numb the flame

At times I wish Chromatica leaned more heavily into house (Alice, ROM, Replay etc) and at times I wish DoC leaned more heavily into hyper pop (Vroom Vroom, Faceshopping, Lipgloss etc)

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Nothing beats the original Chromatica versions but Babylon Haus Labs, Sour Candy with Shygirl and Enigma Doss rmx are still on my daily gym playlist. :legend:

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Agree, I said this when it first dropped. I do play Chromatica a lot, but it’s pretty often that I play DoC more frequently. I will say the one by Pabllo Vittar is virtually unlistenable for me, but other than that I love how outrageous the album is. I also think the DoC album art is 100x cooler than Chromatica’s, even tho I do love Chromatica’s cover too. It’s a really cool concept to have Chromatica as the safer, standard pop side and DoC reflecting the super intense, avant-grade end of the spectrum :holdmyhand:

we have no choice but to stan qian kun
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