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5 minutes ago, AnglerfishbraBENUS said:

i don’t know why SO many people hate this funk masterpiece.

Like y’all want a funk or disco song but it’s right there 

The demo that’s “daft punk” like… 10/10

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Mirrion Rizzons
5 minutes ago, AnglerfishbraBENUS said:

i don’t know why SO many people hate this funk masterpiece.

Like y’all want a funk or disco song but it’s right there 

i know!!! when the beat comes in after "we own the world" is eargasmic, and again after the bridge :glamourpuss: so good

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-1 for not giving us more music videos. this is her best era when it comes to visuals. she was giving us NYC Club Kid outfits and i want to see that in a music video.

-1 the concept sometimes was hard to follow "putting art in a soup can", "reverse warholian" something like that..i have no idea what she was talking about.

-2 for including Jewels and Drugs. like girl..? are you for real?

-1 for including R.Kelly, Gaga miss thing you know R.Kelly is a creep since forever. its been goin on since the 90s why feature him in the track?

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I voted it a 4, because there are songs on it that I enjoy - but I do not revisit it or listen to the album in its entirety, which is how I listen to music. I think it is one of the most poorly executed albums in pop. Conceptually, I think it is thrown together in a way that is very "Gaga" to explain the album. Putting art in pop is a lost idea when you are putting forth a body of work comprised of EDM songs that follow the trends in music at the time; particularly with the Zedd productions. If she didn't attempt to shoehorn in a concept behind the album, it probably wouldn't be something that put me off to it as much as it did. I think DJWS carried the project as much as he could. I like Aura, Sexxx Dreams, Do What U Want, Fashion!, and Applause. 

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Smother Em Eh

A strong 7. It’s not totally cohesive due to a few tracks (Jewels n’ Drugs, Dope)

Not as “ARTPOP” as it’s intended to be but it is a pretty solid EDM Pop Album. 

Get Applause & G.U.Y to 1B views!
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contains some of the best pop songs of her entire discography (DWUW, Swine, Sexxx Dreams, Fashion!, Venus, G.U.Y., Applause). my personal fave, tho I can see why it's not everyone's cup of tea

10/10 for the music alone, a 6-7/10 for everything surrounding the album

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4/10 for me. Jewels and Drugs is so jarring. I literally skip most songs apart from ARTPOP (song) and maybe Venus.

I remember I wanted ARTPOP to have the same sound as Chromatica 10 years ago, and so now Chromatica is here I have never revisited ARTPOP since and it is my least favourite album Gaga has released :( 

𝕯𝕵, 𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊 𝖒𝖞 𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖉
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It's the album that made me a Monster!

Swine and Dope remain some of the most emotionally charged songs in her discography for me. Dope has my favorite vocal delivery of any song and paired with Joanne (the title track), these three remain my favorite even after all these years.

Aura is clearly a favorite of Gaga's, and for a good reason.

Venus, G.U.Y., and Sexxx Dreams are pop perfection. G.U.Y. is one of my favorite choreos.

Jewels n Drugs is massively underrated, the only down side is cutting out DJWS' instrumental break before Twista's verse and I BET I'm one of the few gays on this cult site that can rap along to every verse, including Twista's :firega:

MANiCURE is a bop, duh.

Every form of DWUW is great, though the solo version reigns above the others.

ARTPOP, the title track, is sonically one of her best hands down.

Donatella and Fashion! are both c*nty.

Mary Jane Holland slaps HARD.

Gypsy is adorable and well written.

And Applause is one of her best singles!

The concepts were interesting, the lyrics were intelligent, the album itself flows so well when you listen to all 15 tracks, and despite some of them being literally recycled, the songs' production remains fresh and alive a decade later. It's totally night and day with Chromatica which has mostly uninspired lyrics laid over sterile and generic beats by comparison.

Tl;dr - SOLID 10/10

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This record made me hardcore fan of her! There are so many bops but there are also many indifferent songs!

Half of it is a masterpiece, the other half is a bit meh... I keep 9/15 songs that i really listen to them so loudly ( Aura, Venus, GUY, Sex dreams, Do what you want, ARTPOP, Donatella, Gypsy and Applause) but the rest is a full of skip (J n D, Fashion, Mary Jane, Dope , Swine). 

I love it though, it has the best opening from every other record, 4 bangers back to back!! 

If i had the chance to choose the final tracklist, i would put Brooklyn Nights and Nothing on but the radio instead of JnD and Fashion , and I wanna be with you instead of Dope. Maybe it would be a strong 9 with these three songs. 



I will fly on a challenger across the sky like a phoenix..
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