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Austin Butler announces he’s getting rid of the Elvis accent

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Reveals when?? Results when?? Do we have all the submissions?? Do we have all the votes?? Am I winning??
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How convenient, especially after the Oscar race… :ororomunroe:

Nonetheless, still a hottie with or without an Elvis accent… :vegas:

Hottie Detector
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When is the world going to let this go.

The myth of him working so hard for this role that his voice changed forever is annoying and just a marketing/publicity strategy. Not to discredit his work, he was incredible. But nobody cares about the damn voice anymore. Time to move on.

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I'm sorry, but I am so annoyed with his Elvis voice :giveup: Like, whether or not his voice really "changed" as a result of filming the movie, it just seemed to put on. Idk, it just bothered me so much :giveup: 

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How long has it been since he filmed that movie? Like 2 years? How has he not stopped talking like Elvis since :ladyhaha:

He was great as Elvis but I'm personally rooting for Brendan Fraser for the Oscar :lolly:

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Interesting. He always said the way he talks is his own voice.. quiet...interesting lol

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4th Street

I could honestly care less about who wins best actor this year as I find many of the performances pretty boring. Best Actress is what I really have my eye on because Cate Blanchet pulled off one of the greatest performances of her career as Lydia Tar, its no wonder she is the clear frontrunner although Michelle Yeoh has a good chance as well.

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