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PHOTOS: Lady Gaga goes Vintage in Vancouver


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She pulls all kinds of outfits off...

I mean she can wear them well. :smh:

Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others. -Socrates
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pink sushi

Oooooh i like this look (minus the lips of course :sick:).... So CLASSY. :legend:

Is it just me or is Tara starting to look more and more like Gaga each day......? :eek:

Must be a sign they are loverz. tbh :coffee:

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They arent dark! This pic is edited!

Look at her shirt! Its white, but on this pics it looks more yellowish, same with her teeth

seriously. How could you not notice that?! People are so quick to judge it's super annoying. I hate these posts about her looks it's always so cringe-worthy.

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