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Sources tell Variety that Taylor Swift will play the 2023 Halftime Show


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1 minute ago, Kimmo said:

Will the Best one yet, bookmark me!!! 

Her face looks very diff here, maybe it's the eye makeup

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Finally a good performer for Superbowl since Gaga :reductive:

Love it when you call me legs, in the morning buy me eggs 🥚
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Lol not her. Will they actually give it to someone who has zero to no performance skills?.

How can anoyone not love gaga
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40 minutes ago, jacs vs looser said:

Yaaas! She'll snatch the title for most watched SHTS of all times. 

Who would she bring as guests tho? Selena Gomez? Ed Sheeran? 

Why should she bring anyone?

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10 minutes ago, Pop Music said:


Variety > People. But let's wait and see, an official announcement should be happening soon.

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Andrew Shaw

I know it’s probably extremely unlikely, but I am really hoping to see Britney Spears make a huge comeback with a halftime show and her first actual live vocals in years. How iconic would that be?! I’ll keep dreaming :messga:

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1 hour ago, ProfessionalClown said:

Oh this would be AMAZING.

1. …Ready For It 
2. Blank Space
3. Mean (Singing this at the Superbowl:toofunny:)
4.  (midnights song)
5. Love Story/You Belong With Me/Our Song Medley 
6. Lover
7. I Did Something Bad 

I'm expecting a minorly tweaked repeat of the 2019 AMAs, so something roughly like:

  • Love Story/You Belong With Me
  • I Knew You Were Trouble
  • Blank Space
  • Look What You Made Me Do
  • Shake It Off
  • All Too Well/Cardigan/Lover
  • Midnights single
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The production will be huge that's for sure. But I would love it if she doesn't bring any guests tbh. And I hope to see Enchanted on the setlist.

Something something idk
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