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30 day music challenge


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Welcome to Day 2 guys!!, i already added 6 new songs to my personal Playlist yesterday alone .

Going foward, I'd like to encourage everyone to tell us how you discovered the song and why you like the song you pick for all the days going foward. I think it will make this more fun, spark interests and conversations about the songs 




Personally, i feel this is not just one of the best songs by the spice girls but a masterpiece in its own right . The spice girls may not be the best singers individually but together their harmonies are undeniable strong and that really shows in this song. The melody and arrangement of this song makes for one of the most seamless and beautiful renditions of sexual innuendos disguised as a beautiful love song. With an orgasmic chorus to boot this song is definitely a timesless classic!

I've know this song probably since i could talk and started to appreciate music .I listened to it since i was a child and havnt loved it any less.

Enough of my rambling, I wanna see yours 

@ALittleMonsta@A D A M @Anderson123  @Shav33l @TasteLikeWhiskey @NATAH   @Nao tem @fraann

@JakubM316 @Poltergeist @Lady JarJar  @danbekim @Nite @Mother of Puppies @AUARAOFSHEISSE

@Monstruous     @Teletubby @ProfessionalClown  @Grim  @brizoda  @Flippy  @deactivated001

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This taglist isn't conclusive , its a curation of everyone who has participated on the thread so far (sorry if i skipped any one, i made the list manually).

Any one can still join on any day and will be included in the taglist subsequenly so you can know when the day has begun. Just notify me and you'll be included in the tag list or you can follow the thread so you don't miss a day.


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What you gon' do when I appear?!
W-when I premiere?!:firega:

Day 2!

“Hands on your knees, I’m Angelina Jolie”
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I'll never understand why people always put this song SO low in their rankings:triggered:. I love it and I'll never change my mind (maybe because I kinda relate to the lyrics, hehe:huntyga:)


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Day 2: It was my introduction to Caroline, I like the mixture of modern sound with influence of Indian sounding (kinda reminds me of Bjork's Venus as a Boy). The song is very chill but at same time upbeat, such amazing composition!


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