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ARTPOP now available in Dolby Atmos

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Mr Ricky
1 hour ago, Dayman said:

Which is funny because we can literally listen to the demo and hear that it's THAT vocal take. Like it was never that hard to tell. "It just sounds different cause it's higher quality." like girlies no it sounds different because IT IS

Angel Down is also different 🤭 The ending is godlike. 

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The Aura vocals are the same as the demo, not too sure if that's intentional  You can access the files from here (Credit: @Benji)   

The way this has got me listening to the album in full for the first time in ages and remembering how much it SLAYS. One of her best for sure and genuinely ahead of it's MF'in time!! Sounds so fresh a

Why does Interscope hate the original version of Aura so much!? Boomers! 


The Fame is now available on Atmos too in Tidal.

the last thing the world needs is another feet lover, but that's TOO BAD
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