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The Fame Monster Album Discussion

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A near-flawless album imo. Teeth was the only meh part for me on the entire thing. But such an iconic album nonetheless.

Don't know why I just joined this convo now, but I've been listening to TFM a lot more lately. Esp Dance in the Dark, a song I used to think meh but then I recently started to get really into it.


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With her writing improvement she's shown through BTW's complexity and the more recent genius lyrics she put into "Princess Die" I think we'd be in for a treat if she lightened up on the depression and brought in her killer trademark hooks and sounds. Think about it, the soundclashes would be incredible.

01. Bad Romance/Scheiße

02. Paparazzi/Bloody Mary

03. Heavy Metal Lover/So Happy I could die

04. Living on the radio/Princess Die

05. Dance in the dark/Fashion of his love

06. Government Hooker/Teeth

07. Born This Way/Just Dance

08. Black Jesus/Monster

09. Telephone/Judas

10. Hair/I like it rough

Just... those sound clashes I cannot even imagine their greatness. Crazeh.



Heart attack and actually, if you clean it up and make it one song, it's amazing.

Listen i the chorus for "You and me could write a Judas, baby" haha

I think BTW demonstrated her ability to write without such blatant hooks. It worked, at least for me personally. I wouldn't mind if she brought back hooks, as long as she keeps up her writing skills. As you've said, Princess Die is one of her most well-written and thoughtful songs (even the hooks in it are great, potential to be insane).

Holy **** that video you posted was jumbly :sweat:, but definitely is HOLY **** worthy :party:

The best dance album i ever heard. she better try and out do this one

I think BTW beat it a lot.

3 points in and ready for more


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