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July 21 (2022) - Stockholm, Sweden


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1000 Doves and Fun Tonight are my least favorite album tracks. But I absolutely love both live. It's insane how hearing a song live can change the entire dynamics. 

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fun tonight live was SO GOOD!!!! still not a huge fan of the different chords on 1000 doves + the whole flying like 2000 but the bit about thanking everyone who believed she could be healthy again made me tear up <3 and im so glad she's not cutting enigma!!!

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this bitch just added two songs without cutting anything :interestinga: 

cries in D√ľsseldorf-Show

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Just now, GreatestThing said:

Hi guys, i just started watching, what differences if any are there from the first show?

1000 Doves - Piano 

Fun Tonight - Piano + Dance 

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God she is vocally ON POINT tonight. Just killing Enigma. I love this bish so much. 

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