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Chromatica: The Fight for Freedom (New Vegas Concept)

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Well, I got really bored and created a full concept for a new Vegas pop show.  I tried to keep this somewhat realistic while trying to please the GP and Monsters.  Feel free to give me your thoughts on the setlist/concept.  Used spoiler tags to avoid an extremely long post.  Of course, this also could hypothetically be used for the elusive Chromatica Ball.  Enjoy!



Act 1:

·      Just Dance

·      Telephone/LoveGame/Alejandro

·      Applause

Act 2:

·      Interlude: The Escape (contains elements of Venus, Enigma & Chromatica I)

·      Alice

·      Stupid Love

·      Born this Way

Act 3:

·      Interlude: Preparing for War (contains elements of Monster & Chromatica II)

·      911

·      Dance in the Dark/Replay

·      Paparazzi

Act 4:

·      Interlude: The Capture (contains elements of Aura)

·      Poker Face/Government Hooker

·      Scheiße

·      Free Woman (Remix)

Act 5:

·      Interlude: Coming Home (contains elements of Speechless & Gypsy)

·      Shallow (Enigma Version)

·      Fun Tonight/Million Reasons (Piano)

·      Yoü and I

Act 6:

·      Interlude: Returning to Chromatica (contains elements of Sine From Above)

·      1000 Doves/Edge of Glory

·      Rain on Me

·      Babylon


·      Bad Romance

·      Marry the Night



Full Concept:


Act 1: Arrival

Before the show, a news reporter appears on the screen displaying various reports from ChromaticaTV, including the weather, politics, natural threats, and plans to explore the universe.  All of these will have an impact later in the show.


The show once again opens with Gaga descending onto the stage, Keytar in hand as she performs “Just Dance.”  She lands on the stage to finish the song before performing a medley of “Telephone,” “LoveGame,” and a rock version of “Alejandro.”  Gaga welcomes the audience to the show, tells everyone to get on their motherf***in’ feet, and cheer for her as she begins her performance of “Applause.”  However, as the song finishes a spaceship arrives.  Citizens of Chromatica (all Government Officials) disembark and invite Gaga to take a journey to Chromatica.  


Act 2: Welcome to Chromatica

A scene plays on the screen depicting Gaga and her crew on the journey to Chromatica; the only planet to sustain life outside of our solar system.  The rocket blasts through space during an interlude containing elements of “Venus” and “Enigma.”

As the spaceship begins to touch down, “Chromatica I” plays.  Gaga and her friends disembark the spaceship and take in their new surroundings (“Alice”).  Gaga greets the citizens of Chromatica who are very curious about her; this is their first time seeing an alien.  Gaga explains that she means no harm and is recruited to join the Kindness Punks, leading into “Stupid Love.”  However, once the Government Officials Leave the Freedom Fighters to warn Gaga about the unrest in their world.  The Government Officials are attempting to punish the citizens for their differences and have recruited the Cyber Kids and the Junkyard Scavengers to help them.  They want to use the citizens of Earth to conduct experiments.   Gaga explains that the Kindness Punks, Freedom Fighters, and Spiritual Ones need to team take them down because our uniqueness needs to be celebrated (“Born This Way”).  


Act 3: The Battle

The interlude shows Gaga preparing to enter battle with the Kindness Punks, Freedom Fighters, and Spiritual Ones.  It contains elements of “Monster” and “Chromatica II.”

Gaga and her team make their final preparations and prepare to go onto the battlefield (“911”).  The Kindness Punks and Freedom Fighters go into battle while the Spiritual Ones keep watch.  The battle at Mother’s Peak is a close and intense fight (“Dance in the Dark/Replay”).  However, Gaga and her team realize they are doomed and must retreat (“Paparazzi”).  They hide but Gaga and her friends are captured by the Junkyard Scavengers.


Act 4: Captive

During the interlude, Gaga and her friends are taken hostage and tortured as experiments are conducted on them.  The interlude contains elements of “Aura.

Gaga and her friends are being held captive in a jail designed by the Cyber Punks (“Poker Face/Government Hooker”).  However, the Freedom Fighters, Kindness Punks, and Spiritual Ones show up to rescue them.  They successfully distract the guards and hack into the computer system, setting Gaga and her friends free (“Scheiße”).  Gaga and her friends celebrate their escape and the freedom fighters offer to take Gaga and her friends home (“Free Woman (Remix)”).


Act 5: Home

An interlude plays of Gaga and her friends flying back home to Earth (contains elements of “Speechless” and “Gypsy”).  A message is displayed on the screen: 5 YEARS LATER.

Gaga is in her home sitting at her piano.  She performs “Shallow.”  At the end of the performace she gets an unexpected visitor: Freedom Fighters.  The war is finally over: they won.  However, their planet was decimated and they ask Gaga to return with plants from Earth to help cultivate their world.  Gaga tells them she cannot return and asks them to leave (“Fun Tonight/Million Reasons”).  However, she feels bad because the freedom fighters helped her escape.  She changes her mind and they begin to prepare for the journey back to save Chromatica (“Yoü and I”).  


Act 6: The Return

The spaceship makes its return to Chromatica during the interlude (contains elements of “Sine From Above”).  

The Spiritual Ones sense that help is on the way.  Gaga descends back onto the stage and flies around the theater as she performs “1000/The Edge of Glory.”  Gaga greets the citizens of Chromatica and the Eco Warriors are excited about the prospect of re-cultivating the barren planet, but there is not enough water to support plant life.  However, the Spiritual Ones manage to conjure a storm.  “Rain on Me” is performed as the plants grow, with water falling onto the stage.  Everyone celebrates the planet’s new beauty and thank Gaga (“Babylon”).  They ask Gaga to stay on Chromatica with them as their leader, but she can not decide.



Gaga has decided to stay on Chromatica.  “Bad Romance” is performed with the citizens of Chromatica.  Gaga then sits down at the piano to perform one final song: “Marry the Night.”  The first verse and chorus are played acoustically, before transitioning to the studio version.  The song ends with Gaga in a single spotlight.  She delivers a final message to the audience and citizens of Chromatica before the theater goes black, allowing Gaga to make her exit.  


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I looove the whole concept, but I cant picture them changing the stage from Chromatica to Gaga's home on earth. 

I also cant see how the reporter has a connection with the show but I love the idea of the Chromatica TV thing.

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looooove this!! but yeah the only part I'd change/remove is the coming back to earth part. stakes should remain high. 

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This is why I love Katy’s show. It’s so campy with full set changes. 
Gaga could easily pull something off like this 

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4 hours ago, Juanlittlem said:

I looove the whole concept, but I cant picture them changing the stage from Chromatica to Gaga's home on earth. 

I also cant see how the reporter has a connection with the show but I love the idea of the Chromatica TV thing.

For the return to Earth, I think that all you need is a standard piano, some bookcases and furniture, and good lighting so the rest of the stage is black.  I also could see her changing from a colorful wig on Chromatica to blonde or brown on Earth.

As for ChromaticaTV, I thought the pre-show needed to draw people into the show’s world.  That way when the people from Chromatica first arrive, the GP isn’t totally confused.

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4 hours ago, hoeslay said:

looooove this!! but yeah the only part I'd change/remove is the coming back to earth part. stakes should remain high. 

Tbh it just felt weird to me for her to be a fugitive on Chromatica to calmly playing the piano.  I envision the first two acts to be very celebratory and the third/fourth to be very intense.  I thought the time jump was necessary story wise so that the political state of Chromatica could evolve.  By changing the setting during that time to Earth, Gaga will have had time to let the pain sink in but also attempt to move.  Her past traumas have often been a theme throughout her career and music often seems like her therapy.  I wanted to give her a chance to have some real moments with the audience, while keeping Chromatica very camp.

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Guillaume Hamon

That would be so great to have acted moments with a full narrative like that! Great job! :)

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Pretty good, although I would not put Bad Romance and Marry the Night last, somewhere in the beginning of middle. I’d rather her either put Chromatica songs last, or a couple of Madonna covers (Vogue & Deeper and Deeper)

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