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So a producer whose work I’ve been obsessed with for a few years now (and who I think would have been a perfect ARTPOP-era Gaga collaborator) is the EDM producer PrototypeRaptor. I was listening to his instrumental 'New Dawn' recently and it struck me that it would be a perfect fit with the citizens of Chromatica's favourite PTSD banger 'Replay'.

Here’s the result. I really can’t claim much credit for this apart from restructuring the PrototypeRaptor instrumental and adding a few little touches, otherwise it’s just the vocals of 'Replay' mated, gloriously, to the PrototypeRaptor song 'New Dawn'.

I think the end result isn’t 100% there but it’s a nice alternative take on the song, with a little more ARTPOP (or even Born This Way) flavour, bringing a touch of electro to this house. I can’t mix for **** but I hope you get the idea. Listen with headphones. Hope you enjoy!


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Patriziaa Reggiani

Euphoric ma'am!! My pu**y is leaking

I will not watch House of Gucci
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Ma'am, this is complextro.


And I'm LIVING. I used to listen to this genre SO much in my teens, this really brings me back. :sara:


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PLEASE this is the music that she needs to go back doing because THIS SLAPS H A R D

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Wait!!! I'm done! This ****ing slaps! Certified banger

Paris Is Burning Drag GIF

Where's the download link?! :giveup:

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