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On 1/14/2022 at 12:27 PM, tomsches said:

Ok hear me out... cause I know that on this website you get a bunch of comments like "Why are you in this thread if you don't like it" if you criticize a new album.

It's definitely not a bad album at all. But for me personally, it is her worst release to date. Like, even her EPs at the beginning of her career were better than this. FKA twigs is one of my favourite artists and I've really enjoyed her previous work. This one just seems too commercial and too pop FOR MY PERSONAL TASTE. The 3rd album of any artist is always difficult, because you can't keep doing the same thing but you also don't want to stray away too much from what your fans love you for. And I get that she was in a much happier place when she wrote Caprisongs and she wrote it because she missed dancing with her friends and all that and I can appreciate that. 

Even though it's very commercial and very pop, I can still see FKA Twigs's signature sound and her experimentalism, so I still enjoy most of the album. In comparison to the magnificence of LP1, Magdalene and M3L155X, this one just seems too "normal" if that makes any sense.

Still great album!

I totally agree.

Yet it is a mixtape after all - I am here for the lightheartedness, self love and London inspiration portrayed in this project. What I mean is that even though I find the two albums and EPs better in general, I appreciate Caprisongs especially considering what she has been trough in the last few years.

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twigs' new mixtape is finally here! At least for people in New Zealand lol.    

i just finished it….she did it again omfg, this woman can do no wrong. also, thank you song is that song!!! Slightly biased cuz it’s produced by Arca, but it’s actually amazing

I just don't get why people have the need to open each thread to specifically go on about how much they dislike something. I mean, you can have your opinion of course and this is a forum, I am just ge


After a few listens I gotta say that I just love it, the Y2K asthetics and vibe of the mixtape are everything!

Completely different from her other stuff, much lighter and fun but she's keeping it experimental.

"ride the dragon", "oh my love", "papi bones", "jealousy", "careless", darjeeling"..

I love it!

I understand that the mixtape is a bit "hard to swallow" for some, but Imo its a very fun and uplifting direction for twigs.

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