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Most Forgettable GAGA single


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14 minutes ago, NATAH said:

christmas tree :bon:

I do not agree and I believe this masterpiece is the biggest threat to miss Mimis little xmas jingle  :sis:  Convince me otherwise, I'll wait :queenga:

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Scheiße It was so forgettable, she forgot to make it a single 

Yes, now argue with a wall  

Eh, Eh, There's Nothing Else I Can Say (even though I love it, I always forget it was actually a single)  

19 minutes ago, Joaco95 said:

because it was released in a few countries

Since Eh, Eh wasn’t an official single in the US, I would change my answer to Perfect Illusion. 

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stupid love is the most annoying for me even tho i think the lyrics and message is cute, even eh eh is more listenaeble for me, and the video has a dreamy lynchian atmosphere that is interesting and off puting.

Mad Architect of Light
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mEh mEh, such a boring song I’ve never really liked it, nor the video. It feels a bit like it was a plan B version of Gaga, or collateral incase the public didn’t like her being ‘out there’.

Up all night tryna’ rub the pain out
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What was it called again? It was the one where the music videos she was all cute and stuffs. And there were a Vespa. I think she was trying to seduce a man or something, with meatball pasta. Perhaps an euphemism? 

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✧*:・゚ start the healing (*´艸`*) ♡♡♡
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Lady Palutena

The one where she featured that one overrated singer. I forget her name but she licked a donut in a shop, has culturally appropriated Black culture, called Asians "bots", and mocked Native American culture.

Edited by Lady Palutena
Adoremus in caelum, Palutena. Dea luminis.
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1 hour ago, Creyk said:

It's because of the nature of the video. It's doesn't have the Gaga feel of the other fame era videos.

But that was kinda the point of releasing this song with a video, to show her softer side (if I remember it correct). She still wore a hairbow and the dogs were in the video.

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