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HOG reviewers are scared of us.


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All I've been seeing are positive quotes and sound bites about Gaga, but I feel like I have my blinders on (within this Gaga-loving orbit lol).
Because my dad just mentioned HOG is getting panned- is that correct?

Are the HOG reviews mostly positive / negative / mixed? 

Get the pinot ready, because it's turtle time.
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We learnt from mom that "there is a discipline to chaos" :staymad:

We scare ourselves, other people are just a mirror :stalkga:

Skinni Pussi ConfirmedT
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This sounds like we're bullying everyone who doesn't say something nice about Gaga. But that's not true.


We will drag them to hell and back bc they deserve it :classy: :queenga: .

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Robo Ga

She must know I’ve been reporting the bad HOG reviews for Bullying & Harrassment on Twitter :sis:

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