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Different version of Plastic Doll (Ashnikko RMX) on DOC CD


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Sneaky Oliver
6 hours ago, lilboyblue said:

Imagine if Brazil gets a full version of Fun Tonight with all the verses


Well Pabllo has stated there’s a dance version of FT remix, they made both versions so they could decide which one should make the final cut 

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Here‘s a snippet 😊 @ModernEcstasy @Bobina @weed @Vitleysingur @MrGermanotta @holy scheisse @Reputation King @GregJA @myluis617  

Hey guys, so I just listened to the Dawn of Chromatica CD in my car and realized that there's a different version of Plastic Doll on there. Ashnikkos verse has slightly different lyrics and there

Just listened to the CD version and I can confirm that it's indeed different. It sounds like an early version, but not like these low quality demos you'd find around the web. It sounds very clear and

Christopher Rolas

The same but with bad words A Meh! 

Also I didn't like the adding of Trap elements. 


Edit: I'm not sharing links from where I did listen to song. 

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Amazon primed the CD should get it Wednesday. Any other song end up being different? This is kind of random but nice.

And it's on the D site if anyone wants to hear the full.

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