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Drag Race Italia - Season 1


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Welcome to the official Drag Race Italia Season 1 thread! Where we'll be discussing this season as each week's episode premieres. Please keep spoilers under the *SPOILER* tab... and slay!!

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They literally used this gif as a blueprint:

Someone better be Patrizia for snatch game 

Welp am I the only one on this? Anyway, happy for Elektra but how Farida didn't get the crown? She's been slaying the competition for weeks now and even in this last maxi challenge I think she wa

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Episode 1 now streaming on WOWPresents+! :vegas:

oh wowww!!! The winner will be the face of MAC cosmetics for a year + design their own limited-edition collection :firega: among the European DR prizes this one is the best imo


14 minutes in, love itttt!!!! All the queens seem great! Unique queens, a decent variety. Electra served the most c*nt, let's be real. Love Enorma Jean so far

omg so emotional!!! episode 1, 40 minutes in and my 2nd time crying lmaoaoaoa

loved it! The editing... was kind of fking crazy lmao some parts were way too much.. hated the runway editing, and no critiques before they untuck is weird. But overall great


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They way they SKULLDRAGGED each others in the first untucked I - :lmao:

I loooooooooooved this first episode. I agree that the editing was a little messy (the deliberation before the critiques irked me), but overall was a good premier. I didn't agree with Divinity in the bottom?

Farida and Elektra >>>>>>>

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My thoughts:


- Love the glimpse into queer culture in Italy
- Glad that people, especially in the US, are being reminded through the queens’ stories that Italy and other portions of Europe still have a long way to go, and the queer communities there need our support

- The queens are entertaining, and the mini challenge was one of the best “difficult photoshoot” mini challenges in the franchise so far


- Production is... questionable

- I feel like everyone’s sob story was packed into one episode.  Like holy smokes

- Enorma Jean having that “I’m an old person, so everyone should defer to me on all things at all times” attitude

- For a country that is the epitome of fashion, wow was the “create fashion from scratch” runway meh, verging on bad
- Is it just me, or is there a “US Season 1” visual filter on this season?

I'm talkin' 'bout forever, baby.
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Good episode, but the production problems are still there. I think they will fix these problems in the next season, now it's too late.

Enorma literally slayed everyone in the maxi challenge. She was very smart and on pair with the US product challenges ones. Her story touched me so much, I was sobbing during it.

Farida Rain on me outfit was AMAZING, I gagged! I agreed with the bottom 2 and even with the Ivana elimination.

The "next week" part got me :excited2: the girls are FIGHTING again

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